Your Ultimate Guide To… A Strip Tease (Blow His Mind, Girl!)

Your Ultimate Guide To… A Strip Tease (Blow His Mind, Girl!)
Do you want to blow his mind in the bedroom? Well, then, get ready to put on a show he’ll never forget. We have some strip-teasing tips for you that will make his jaw drop open! Trust us, his expression following your little act will be worth all the effort you put in. So, let’s get teasin’, ladies!

1. Set the stage with the right kind of music and lighting...

And the right mood will follow. Compile a playlist that’s a mix of slow and groovy, and dim those lights to give the room a sensual feel. Stripping under the bright, white glow of a tube light looks and feels a bit weird.

2. Make sure you wear clothes that don’t just look sexy, but also keep the excitement levels high as you strip down!

‘Coz while wearing a sari may look sexy, stripping down to a petticoat doesn’t make for as sexy a sight. So, while you’re layering up to strip down, be careful of what you reveal, ‘coz that’s what he is looking forward to!

strip tease performance 2

3. And so, pick the hottest lingerie you own, or buy some for the occasion...

Because it is an occasion he is not likely to forget any time soon. So even if it requires you to wear that super uncomfortable thong - just do it. It’s not like you have to wear it for a long time anyway!

4. Don’t you underestimate the power of accessorizing, girl!

Delicate stockings and strappy heels - those items look badass and make you feel like one too!

strip tease performance 4

5. Even before you start stripping, get him thinking about it...

It’s the idea of a woman slowly unclothing herself that turns men on - and not just a naked woman herself. So, much before you start stripping, tell him about your plans in the middle of a busy work day. Trust us, his imagination will only further help your case.

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6. You don't have to be a dancer to be a sexy stripper, but do practice some moves beforehand...

Take inspiration from professionals - YouTube won’t disappoint you in this department! From learning how to give a lap dance to learning just some slow moves - there is no dearth of videos available. So practise the art, see what you like best doing - and then repeat.

strip tease performance 6

7. Involve him in the act, and play some sexy games with him...

Take your pick - from Strip Poker to Truth Or Dare to anything you want, really - as long as you get him to participate into eventually taking his clothes off too.

8. End it with a dramatic walk-out...

‘Coz all’s well that ends well. So, keep your best moves for the end and lead him to bed. And then... Well just let his eager hands take over!

strip tease performance 8

9. Feel great about yourself and have fun, okay?

We know we’re calling it a performance and you’re gonna have to prepare a bit for it too - but at the end of the day, it’s just you having fun with your boy. So, don’t stress about missing points and looking silly... Just have fun - that’s the whole point!

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