12 Mistakes Most Brides Make With Their Wedding Look!

12 Mistakes Most Brides Make With Their Wedding Look!
This is one day when all eyes will be on you. And who doesn’t want to look like the most beautiful bride ever! And of course, the photographs – you’d better look flawless in those too! Presenting to all the future brides, avoid these mistakes with your bridal look!

1. Time For Trials

No matter how packed you are with wedding prep, do not miss any of your trials. Be it with your make-up artist or the outfit designer – trials are always a good idea. You don’t want to leave these things for the last day, ladies.

2. Too Much Base

Mistakes with your bridal look

Be it uneven skin-tone or an acne problem – nothing is reason enough to cake up your face, layer after layer, with foundation. This will lead to it cracking after a point, or melting due to sweat. Besides, you don’t want to look like a white ghost with red lipstick in your photos, do you? Using your personal make-up base would be a smart move.

3. Excess Can-Can

Yes, your outfit is grand, and the can-can in the skirt will enhance it all the more. But too much can-can will make you look bigger than you are, and your lehenga may end up looking like the gowns in the animated princess movies. Excess can-can will be difficult to handle given the weight it adds to your lehenga too.

4. Jewellery Jam

Mistakes with your bridal look

Jewellery adds a lot to the look of the bride, but does a lot of jewellery add to the look of the bride? We don’t think so. Wearing a maathapatti, and an elaborate nath, along with big earrings, a choker and a long neckpiece – that’s just too much bling. If you must wear a maathapatti and a nath, ensure that the nath is a delicate one. If your neckpieces are elaborate, go with small earrings, or vice-versa. If you must wear two neckpieces, make sure they both aren’t huge and spread out. Instead, layer them.

5. Dark Lips

Leave the dark lip look for another day, dear bride. We suggest you go for the soft pinks, peaches, oranges or reds. Those wine-coloured lips may not be the correct choice for the bridal get-up. And it’ll show up even more bold in the photographs!

6. Heavy Lashes

Mistakes with your bridal look

Wearing fake lashes can add to your made up face, but be wise while choosing those. The thick, obviously fake ones might look a tad too garish. Go for the right quality of lashes, if at all.  

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7. Glamour Over Glitter

Glitter is a big no-no for your wedding day. While many makeup artists may suggest you brush on some glitter on your eyelids and cheeks, do not get carried away. Take our word – nothing can look more loud than that. Junk the glitter, girls.

8. Bigger Than Big Hair

Mistakes with your bridal look

Super-big hair looks great on the ramp and for celebrity photoshoots, but steer clear of that, especially if you have a small face. You can get a dramatic hairdo, after all, it’s your day, but don’t get too experimental we say.

9. High Heels Ki Galti

Go for medium-sized heels for your D-day. As it is, your outfit and jewellery will be difficult to manage. High heels will leave you feeling nothing but discomfort at your wedding. Pick footwear that’s comfortable (with a cushioned sole) and has a medium-sized heel.

10. To Touch-Up

Mistakes with your bridal look

Have a little pouch with make-up essentials handy; give the responsibility to your sister or any reliable friend. The pouch must contain your lipstick for the function, some loose compact powder to dab the excess oil or any smudged eye make-up, and some safety pins and bobby pins for any outfit issues or hair tacking, respectively.

11. Matching Much

Girls, contrast is good! Therefore, your lehenga-blouse, jewellery, eye shadow and shoes do not have to be the exact same colour. For instance, if you go for a pink lehenga and blouse, get a contrast dupatta and maybe some neutral eye shadow. Silver-gold shoes go with almost all bridal outfits.

12. Hooks Over Zips

Mistakes with your bridal look

No matter how good the quality of a zipper, if it snaps at the wrong moment, you’re bound to be troubled. Opt for hooks – for your blouse and lehenga or any other bridal outfit! Save yourself the horror of putting safety pins to keep your blouse in place on your wedding day.

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