11 Ways To Make Your Wedding Vows Really Special!

11 Ways To Make Your Wedding Vows Really Special!
Wedding vows are wonderful. They proclaim your desire to be joined together in love for the rest of your life. The concept of wedding vows has a history in Western Christian matrimonial norms but the idea is so beautiful that it has gained popularity almost everywhere in the world. You can either go with the standard vows or you can write your own. In case you have decided to write your wedding vows, here’s what you need to know.

1. It may be a little harder than you think, so research

Writing wedding vows may seem easy but they are not. The depth of what you feel may fall short of words. Therefore, do your research. Read up about wedding vows and check out ideas online. It’ll help you write your own.

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2. Impromptu vows can be a mess

Unless you are a wizard in extempore, you will hem and haw during the vows and make a mess of it if you leave it for the last minute. So prepare these in advance.

3. Avoiding clichés is a very, very good idea

Yes, avoid them. Like the plague. (See what we did there?) If you have opted to write your own vows, in the first place you did so because you know your fiancé well and you want to express your feelings. So be honest, original and personal instead of going for the boring cliché routine. It’ll make sure the ceremony is as sweet and tender as your love.

4. Big thumbs up to agreeing upon a format

Sit down with your fiancé and agree upon a format for the vow. There is no need to draw out a long plan or anything, chalking out a format requires minutes. What are you going to talk about? Are you going the humour route or the sincere feelings one? How long should the vows be? Both of you are not going to recount the ‘jab we met’ story, right? It’ll help make sure you guys don’t go off on different tangents.

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5. Copy pasting from the internet is a cop out

And yet so many couples do it. Why is there a need to go to the internet to describe your love for your fiancé? Dig into your heart, and draw into your deep reserve of knowledge and love towards your better half. Beautiful words will flow. Going online, though, will make your vows sound like ‘just another generic vow’. You don’t want that. Nobody wants that.

6. A little sweet humor never hurt anybody

Do you love it when he saves the last piece of pizza for you because he knows how much you love it? That’s not on the epic scale but that’s love too (it involves food sacrifice, come on!). Everyday, funny love is most certainly worth mentioning. Make your wedding vows bring a smile or a laugh to his face. Sometimes, that’s better than tears. It’ll remind him of who he’s going to live with for the rest of his life.

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7. Going creative with your vows is totally preferable because why not?

Okay, not all of us are Pablo Neruda but hey, we have all been in love. Love is said to be the key that unlocks the treasure trunk of creativity. Read some love poetry and meditate on your own relationship. Let the creativity flow and watch your wedding guests weep from the pure, divine feeling. All worth it if he’s looking lovingly at you.

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8. Running it by close friends or family beforehand is a good idea

Their reactions will tell you where you are going with your wedding vows. Once you agree upon the format it’s best to leave your fiancé out of the rehearsal process. You don’t want to miss the look of surprise, love and tenderness as you talk about your love for him.

9. Practice makes perfect

Try memorizing them so that you can look at your partner as you say your vows. Because, reactions.

10. Your wedding vows are only as good as your true feelings

No amount of fancy words will have any effect unless you mean them. These are not just wedding vows meant to impress him and other guests. These are promises that are not bound by any legal papers, they come forth from the willingness and desire of your heart and therefore, unless you truly feel them, they’ll sound like hollow words.

writing your wedding vows

11. Keeping it short and sweet is always more effective

Deciding upon how long you will speak is also important. Good luck!

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