5 Reasons You MUST Visit A Gynae Before Your Wedding Night

5 Reasons You MUST Visit A Gynae Before Your Wedding Night
From finding your dream lehenga to the décor to organizing sangeet practices, getting married is the busiest and craziest time of your life. But there’s one important thing that’s usually overlooked – being a healthy bride! It’s not mandatory but it’s definitely wise to visit a gynae before marriage to ensure everything’s all right. We give you a few reasons why you should visit a gyno before your wedding, to address any concerns you have as well as to make sure all’s good under the hood!

1. To Understand Your Body Better

Most girls don’t realize the importance of understanding their menstrual cycle. Knowing what stage of your cycle you’re in will help clue you in whether you’re ovulating (fertile), PMS-ing or about to get your period at any moment. Your gyno will easily explain it all to you. It’s helpful for when you’re planning a baby as well as when you want to avoid getting pregnant.

2. If You Want To Delay/Bring Forward Your Period

Visit a gynae before marriage

Realizing that you’re going to get your period on your wedding day or during your honeymoon can be pretty horrifying. Consult your gyno for safe methods to help change the date of Aunty Flo’s arrival. It’s very common amongst bride-to-bes.

3. A Little Sex Ed

Is it going to be very painful? Are you going to be really sore afterwards? If you’ve been saving yourself for marriage then you probably have some concerns. The doctor will help quell any doubts and fears and help you look forward to your wedding night by putting your mind at ease.

4. For Effective Contraception

Visit a gynae before marriage

You need to give family planning a thought before marriage. If you don’t want to plan babies so soon then it’s important to discuss contraception with your gyno. She’ll clue you in on everything there is to know about the pill – what to take, how to take it, will it make you put on weight, will it have side effects and every other concern you may have. This is extremely important. She’ll also advise you about the right time to have kids and important health steps to prepare your body for it.

5.  A Full Check-Up

A complete check-up of blood tests, a pelvic exam and a pap smear is a must for young girls. It will help check for abnormalities like thalassemia, genetic testing, STDs and can even address issues like painful periods. Don’t worry, these are just precautionary measures that one should perform before marriage.

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