To All The Single Ladies… Why You *Don’t* Need A Guy Right Now! | POPxo

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To All The Single Ladies… Why You *Don’t* Need A Guy Right Now!

To All The Single Ladies… Why You *Don’t* Need A Guy Right Now!

Beyonce has given all the single ladies quite an anthem and I think it would be unfair to not live up to every word that she belches out! All you single ladies, you do run the world! Well, if you don’t feel like you do, read this list and find out why it’s completely okay to not have a boyfriend right now.

1. You can have your “me-time” whenever you want to

Without really feeling too guilty. Be it at seven in the morning or at 11pm, you have all the time to do things that you want. Use this time to reflect on life, what you want to do, work and build on your dreams. Basically, just celebrate independence! why it is okay to be single

2. You learn how to be comfortable with yourself

All the things that you think you would probably do with your boyfriend, do them alone. Go to places you have always wanted to, be it with friends or alone. The Friday nights, the house parties, your laptop issues that needed fixing every now and then - do them all on your own and be comfortable and take pride doing these things. This is your chance to start being your own person.

3. The flirting...

This one is quite self-explanatory. Go hit on the guys you find attractive or flirt back without an ounce of regret. Your options are really wide and open. why it is okay to be single

4. Being single is a testament to how awesome you really are

So what if you haven’t found your Mr.Right yet? You are single because you choose to be and because you have set very high standards for yourself - and you won’t just settle for any random person just for the heck of it. This shows that you are strong and a woman of character.

5. You are spared the “Shaadi” question

When in a relationship, one is constantly plagued with the question “Shaadi kab kar rahi ho?” Most of the time, even a happy, sound couple doesn’t have a definite answer to that. why it is okay to be single

6. You save money

It really is true. When in a relationship, there is always a lot of eating and drinking out involved. Plus, there are those gifts you want to shower him with. Without even realising how much you have spent, you’re already broke even before the middle of the month. So, stay single. Save money. Good deal, this. :P

7. No insecurities, no jealousy

Sometimes in a relationship, even the most loyal people could mess up big time because of a moment of weakness. So, at least while single, there is no such fear of your partner not being completely loyal to you. Really, being single really has its hidden perks. why it is okay to be single

8. You don’t have to “fake-like” his friends

We’ve all dated men whose friends we haven’t liked and yet we have had to like them, or at least make an effort to. Now that you’re single, you can really just choose not to interact with certain people without hurting your significant other's feelings!

9. Re-connecting with your friends

Being single allows you the time and space to catch up with all those friends you may have lost touch with - and spend hours and hours with all your favorite people, without really worrying about how to manage your time!
why it is okay to be single GIFs: Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 10 Reasons I’m Secretly Happy To Be Single! MUST-READ: 11 Things a Single Woman Should Never Be Ashamed Of. No Matter What.
Published on Apr 26, 2016
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