The Real Reason Most Guys Like Being On Top!

The Real Reason Most Guys Like Being On Top!
Every guy has his favourite position in bed. Just as every girl does. But you ladies might have noticed that for the majority of us guys that favourite position seems to be missionary. Well, let’s just say that it’s not a favourite as such, but it’s what we kind of gravitate towards by default. If you’re wondering why, here’s us trying to explain…

First and foremost, it’s just the most...common position during sex! Which is why, no matter what our personal favourites might be, we assume that it’s the one that’s most likely to appeal to the girl we’re in bed with too. And when we get into bed with a girl, we don’t want to risk doing anything that might want to make her change her mind about sleeping with us, we tend to choose the tried and tested, safest thing we could be doing! After all, she might not appreciate us asking her to be on top and stuff - we just don’t want to offend in any way!

why guys like being on top

Which also means that it’s the position that we’re most accustomed to (as most women are as well), and we have with practice come to the conclusion that we’re pretty good at it. Well, even if we might now secretly feel confident that we’re amazing at sex, being on top and being able to control what we’re doing gives us assurance that we don’t suck at it at least.

Talking about control in a different way… Well, we’re kind of embarrassed to say this, but we do enjoy playing a dominant role sometimes. Especially when it comes to sex. So, you know, being on top helps us play that role! Also, honestly speaking, we don’t want you to think we’re being lazy by saying we should do it in a position where you have to make more effort than we do! :P

It’s also visual, you know. It’s the one position wherein we can see your face entirely - and read your expressions, see whether you’re enjoying yourself, change pace according to what seems to bring you the most pleasure. Plus, when we look down, we can see your amazing boobs too, and touch them if we like (and you like), and that’s just brilliant. Really brilliant.

why guys like being on top

And finally, it’s just so easy to kiss you when we’re on top. And believe it or not, we love the sweetness and intimacy of kissing, even as we’re inside you. *Blush*

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