Is There A “Right” Time To Buy The Wedding Lehenga?

Is There A “Right” Time To Buy The Wedding Lehenga?
We’ve all dreamt of the day we find THE lehenga which perfectly suits us, the kind we want to wear and get married in, the one that makes us look like the best version of us on our wedding day! To find this one amazing piece, we’ve got to plan way in advance. It’s actually one of the main things on our mind when we go on a shaadi shopping spree! We are here to help you figure out this very essential timeline - when to buy the wedding lehenga! - so that you don’t have to fret over it! 

1. Wait For Fresh Stock!

You’ve spotted your designers and shops and some inspiration - the best time really to go and do your shopping is when the new collection comes to the stores. You’re looking for novelty and what can be better than to pick something from fresh arrivals? Keep yourself informed through magazines and the web about the time of launch for new designs.

2. The Ideal Timeline!

If you’ve got months until the wedding, take your time to look at all the available options, shortlist some, and go and find your favorite shops. But even after scouting around, you should have finalised your lehenga three to four months in advance. This gives enough time for alterations too. (Sometimes alterations take more than a month!)

3. The RIGHT Time Of The Day!

It’s completely justified if you’d like to take a half day from work to buy yourself a lehenga. Morning hours are the best time since there is not much crowd and the salesmen at the stores are more enthusiastic about showing you more designs! The natural light is better too! Avoid weekends and holidays!

 4. Customisation Takes A LOT of Time!

Planning to get a lehenga made from scratch with your chosen embroidery in the colours and fabrics that you like? This is a long process, my dear. Thus, giving it more time than usually picking out something readily available is imperative. Give this 4-5 months we say!

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5. Go For Something That Fits You NOW!

Yes, you are trying to shed some kilos to look perfect on the main day. And you also feel like you should go pick a lehenga when you’ve attained the goal (somewhat!). But, this is just a psychological thing. Buy something that fits you now, even on the wedding day your overall dimensions won’t change so much!

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6. You Need To Plan Your Jewellery Too!

You need to keep in mind that only after you pick your lehenga will you be able to plan your jewellery. If you’re getting jewellery made, the purchase will have to be done much in advance, because the craftsmanship that goes into fine jewellery can take upto 4 months. Other accessories need to be bought too!

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7. What Are You Wearing On Other Days?

The lehenga you plan to wear to the mandap needs to be different from the rest of your outfits. The colours, style and work should be significantly different! The sangeet, mehendi and reception outfits can take equal amounts of time, so you must plan this in synchronisation!

Last piece of advice: do not pick up the first thing you see, take your time, look around and find your wonder. You’re sure to find something better when you skim through a lot of choices, something that you will be content with!

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