#FashionDiaries: It Started Raining... My Top Was See-Through!!

#FashionDiaries: It Started Raining... My Top Was See-Through!!
It was a murky afternoon in summer, and I had been so pre-occupied that I hadn’t really cared about what I was wearing. Even so, summertime is all about whites - so my cotton lakhnavi top and denims had come out of my closet. And since I had been in such a rush to go to the market to finish some chores, I had also forgotten to wear a slip under my top. Instead, I was carrying a cotton stole, just in case. We all know how see-through these cotton tops can be. But I’d thought that I’m going out for just a bit - so it wouldn’t really matter. The weather forecast had mentioned something about rain. But my umbrella was safely packed inside the storeroom as monsoons were still a month away. So I’d let it remain there and had set out.

I stepped out and reached the marketplace. The clouds were thundering softly, but I was hoping that I’d be able to wind up quickly. I began scouting around, checking things off my to-do list. By the time I’d finished, I had three huge packets with me of random home commodities. That’s when the wind started blowing furiously. Both my hands were occupied holding those huge packets. My stole just wouldn’t stay in one place. My hair also kept swaying from side to side, wrapping itself all over and around my face, and I couldn’t really fix this.

wet in the rain

The gusty winds brought tiny raindrops with them. There were black clouds looming over my head and they were moving super fast. This was accompanied by some nasty lightning. Who would have thought that there was going to be a turbulent cloudburst right above my head?! I tried to scurry from the middle of the road to the side, but most of the market-goers had already claimed their spots under the shade of shopfronts.

The rain was getting harder and the wind was worsening. Meanwhile, my stole also flew away somewhere while both my hands were occupied holding my shopping bags. And in the middle of all this, I started to try to find an auto to take me home. The weight of the things in my hand, the rains, and the overall mess - all of it was bothering me.

Just then, I happened to look down at myself to realize that the pink-colored lacy bra which I was wearing was by then actually showing from underneath my soaked top! I let out a gasp - because I hadn’t really noticed this happening until I’d started feeling some stares from the people around me.

BannerPink 500px

It was so embarrassing - it was like I was pretty much naked in front of the whole world! I was trying to cover the front part of my body by holding the packet full of tins and food packets. But what about the back? I started feeling so conscious about this whole thing that I just wanted to rush home. The rains had stopped by this time, but I just couldn’t stick around anymore.

Lesson learnt: however, busy you are, do take a second to look outside your window before you step out, to see what the weather is like to avoid any future embarrassment. Amen!

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