7 WTF Things You Hear If Your Younger Sister Marries Before You

7 WTF Things You Hear If Your Younger Sister Marries Before You
Your sister’s wedding is, without a shadow of doubt, a very happy occasion.You’ll be sharing her special day right by her side and getting oodles of attention – you’re the sister of the bride, after all. But being the unmarried older sister of the bride is a different ballgame altogether. Some guests at your little sister’s wedding will pity you, while others will look at you with a certain degree of suspicion. Here’s what’s going on in the heads of those judgmental aunties and uncles (who know nothing about you, but somehow have your life drawn out in front of them)…

1. The Jilted Lover Story

“Poor girl. She was dating a boy for aeons of years and they had a great love story going. But eventually he dumped her, something she hasn’t recovered form even today. She’s probably sworn never to marry anyone. I’m only guessing.”

2. Too Picky/Snobbish/Serial ‘Rejector’

“She must think herself to be too good for any and everyone. What a snob! She looks it.”

Younger sister getting married

3. Her Work Is Her Husband

“This happens to girls who get way too involved in their work. It takes up all their time; leaving them none to actually find a suitable boy for themselves. Where exactly does she work though?”

4. She’s Definitely Gay

“Nothing else explains this; She hasn’t come out of the closet yet, perhaps.”

Younger sister getting married

5. She’s In “Bad” Company

“Maybe she’s just going around with the wrong kind of people who have no plans to settle down. Oh God, may the kaleera drop on her head – which will be a sign that she’ll be the next one to get married.”

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6. All The Good Men Her Age Are Taken

“Finding a good match at this age is so tough! I bet she’s been searching but nothing’s helping. Bechaari!

Younger sister getting married

7. And Now It’ll Be Even Tougher…

“...because that the younger one got married before her. The bride was in too much of a hurry to get married!”

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