what men wonder about women

#HeSays: 11 Things Guys Secretly Wonder About A Woman's Body!

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Okay, we'll accept it. Out of all the things we think about, women do occupy a fairly large part of our thoughts. And if you dissect it further, then yes, many of them would be about your body. Guilty! So, well, let there be full disclosure. Here are some of those thoughts…

1. How do you not get distracted by your own boobs?

No, seriously, they're right there. How are you not staring down all the time?

2. Do you never feel like spanking your own ass?

That extremely spankable ass, within arm’s distance every second of the day. How do you resist?!

what men wonder about women

3. How do you even manage to function during their period?

Do you bleed for the whole five days? Or, do you get intervals where you can do actual life stuff?

4. What is with the whole obsession with nails?

And how do you even function with those extensions stuck to your fingers?

what men wonder about women

5. Isn't it a total pain to be waxed all the time?

And we mean that literally. How did it even start? Didn't it seem completely absurd?

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6. Don't thongs make you feel weird?

Walking around with something stuck up your butt all day? Yikes.

what men wonder about women

7. How do you manage to walk (forget dance!) in heels?

Those things seem like torture devices. But you still seem to love them...

8. What would it feel like to have multiple orgasms?

Just… HOW?

what men wonder about women

9. Isn't it impossible to sleep on your stomach?

Where are your boobs suppose to go?

10. How do you even manage to breathe in those bodycon dresses?

No, seriously, some of them look like they're painted on... Are they painted on?

what men wonder about women

11. Why do women always think they're fat?!

Sometimes it's your arms, sometimes it's your ankles! But it's ALL. THE. TIME.

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Published on Apr 04, 2016
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