#HeSays: What Guys Think About “Dirty Talk”!

#HeSays: What Guys Think About “Dirty Talk”!

There's dirty talk… And then there is reallyyy dirty talk. You would know the difference if you've tried it! And if you ladies have progressed from the slightly tame "You like that?" and are wondering what your man thinks about full blown dirty talking in bed, then you're definitely in the right place!

1. Mind = BLOWN!

No, seriously. That first moment we hear you say those words we never imagined you even knew… Well, we kind of forget how to think for a minute.

2. We LOVE it

After we regain the use of our senses, the first thing we feel is…totally thrilled, obviously! You talking dirty to us (in bed and out of it) is a fantasy most of us guys have. So, yeah, we kind of really enjoy it. 2 what guys think about dirty talk

3. And we love it more when actions accompany your words

Not undermining the importance of all those naughty words, but when you end up doing exactly what you're saying… Suffice it to say that if we died that very second, we would die extremely happy men.

4. We WISH we could just pause and replay

We can't ever be sure if this is going to be a regular thing or it's just a one time thing. So we would really love to just savour the moment and keep replaying it in our heads, in case, you know, you didn't enjoy it enough for a repeat. 4 what guys think about dirty talk

5. It's a total turn on. Like, the ultimate.

Well, this one is obvious. But the thing is, sometimes even we're surprised by how easy it is for you to turn us on with your words. You might not even mean for what you're saying to sound dirty. But our brains work in weird ways, so we'll find that dirty meaning from between the lines and get turned on. No matter how uncomfortable it might end up being for us. teal banner

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6. Keep it coming, ladies

We can't begin to explain how addictive it is to hear you talk dirty to us. Seriously. Once we've experienced it, we just want it more and more. We know that might sound creepy, but it's really hot, okay? We can't help it. 6 what guys think about dirty talk

7. It's one step closer to…being closer.

You girls have your own interpretation of what brings a couple closer. Well, we think talking dirty definitely plays a part in that. When you've spoken to your partner in that way, most of your inhibitions fade away and the comfort level just increases.

8. It can be funny sometimes. But very rarely!

Okay, so very occasionally, you might say something that instead of sounding just sexy also sounds a bit funny. It's mostly when we feel like you're script reading and stuff and you wouldn't naturally say something like that or when you're obviously uncomfortable saying what you're saying. We still REALLY appreciate the effort you put in though! Even if a snigger might escape us (for which we're super-sorry!). 8 what guys think about dirty talk

9. But f*ck. It's awesome.

It's basically the easiest way to turn us on and you literally have complete power over our actions with the use of a few words. We should feel helpless in such situations…and we do sometimes. But we still don't love it any less. It's awesome. We'll maintain that for eternity. Images: Giphy, Tumblr, Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: #HeSays: 10 Things Girls Should Know About A Guy’s Penis! MUST-READ: #HeSays: 7 Things Guys Would Love To Get *More* Of In Bed!