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What Happened The First Time I Went On Birth Control Pills...

What Happened The First Time I Went On Birth Control Pills...
The first time I went on birth control… Hmm… It was kind of because I felt like I had no other choice. You see, my boyfriend and I’d had a “careless” moment which had ultimately led me to take an emergency contraceptive pill. And let me tell you, with that decision, I was not happy. The emergency contraceptive pill obviously didn’t suit me and I felt all sorts of weird things. From getting horrible cramps to bleeding more and for longer than usual, I could just see what a negative effect that pill had on my body.

And so I decided that it was time to get on regular birth control pills. Of course, after much research of my own and much persuasion from my gynaecologist I realised that they might actually be good for me in terms of hormonal balance regulation and stuff. But it took me a long while to get to that conclusion.

 Going on birth control

At first, I was rather scared. Were they going to do to me what the emergency contraceptive had done? That was awful and I really didn't want to live through that again. Were they going to mess with my hormones in a way that my doctor hadn't thought about and have side effects? Was I going to have trouble conceiving later on in life?! Yes, I was pretty skeptical and very, very nervous - and I had way too many questions running through my head.

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But once I started, after my initial phase of uncertainty, I actually was pretty happy with my decision. Even if I started it out of sheer desperation and the bigger concern of not wanting to get pregnant just yet! A few months after I started I began to see a difference in my hair and skin. A good difference! My hair was falling less and my skin wasn't breaking out the way it used to. I was, obviously, as you can imagine, pretty satisfied. My biggest concern was of course still not conceiving while I didn’t want to, but who can say no to some extra perks!

And then the concern about not being able to conceive when I really wanted to later in life because of negative side effects - those were put to rest too. Again, after a lot of research and talking to a few gynaecologists. Any effects the pill has wear off after a while when you stop using it, I was assured. And honestly, no matter what anyone says, I like to believe that. It is important for me to now stay on the pill. First, because it has only regulated my period cycle and made it much less painful. Second, it helps keep my mind at ease, given that I am a sexually active girl.

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It can initially be a bit of a hassle trying to remember to take your pill at around the same time every day, but you get used to it! I don’t know about anyone else, but to me, it is kind of a boon that I know exactly when my period will come. But please remember this, girls - never, ever get on the pill without talking to your gynaecologist first. There are different variations of birth control pills in the market, and you should only take one that has been prescribed to you by a doctor who is familiar with your gynaecological history.

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