5 Things No Bridal Magazine EVER Told You!

5 Things No Bridal Magazine EVER Told You!
Whether we are getting married or not, many of us have bridal magazines stacked on our bookshelves. But once the deal is sealed, a bridal magazine becomes your hard copy search engine. However, there are a few wedding planning tips that you won’t necessarily read in bridal magazines but we sure have them covered for you.

1. Balance It Out

It is important that you are neither indecisive till the last minute or very rigid about planning details. Don’t change your mind every other day about how you want things. Also, try and have options ready in case something is not readily available. Both an indecisive you or a rigid you will drive your wedding planner bonkers.

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2. Not Spending Time With The Fam

You’ll be leaving them! Need I say more? Spend as much as time you can with your parents - their baby is leaving. Don’t forget your siblings because no more WWE at the in-laws. Your girlfriends because dating problems will soon be replaced with marriage problems.

3. Don’t Become A Bridezilla And Lose Yourself

Okay, woman! Breathe in, breathe out and repeat this as many times as it takes to calm your nerves. You want your wedding to be perfect but don’t go all bridezella on everyone and lose yourself in the process because mentally exhausting yourself is just pointless. Remember, the journey needs to be as much fun as the destination. Have fun in the process and, trust us, everything is the end is going to okay.

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4. There Is No Such Thing As A ‘Perfect Bride Body’

6 months before your wedding you started your diet to achieve ‘the perfect body’ for your big day. You were eating right, working out and in general taking good care of yourself. But this is something that should be a part of your life for overall wellness and not only because you’re getting married and you want to fit the societal norms of having the body of a woman who’s getting married. There is no such thing as a perfect body, perfect is what is right for you. So yes, cut on the wine and cheese binges if you have to but there is no need to starve yourself to achieve something that doesn’t even exist.

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5. Make A Google Drive Folder Or WhatsApp Group For Everyone To Share Wedding Photos

We live amongst people armed with smartphones and selfie sticks. It’s a world where patiently waiting to get clicked by the photographer is just not one of our virtues. This is most evident at a wedding. In every corner, in every restroom and at every table, someone is clicking a photo of the wedding. While many of these end up on Instagram with that wedding hashtag every guest is made aware of, most pictures don’t end up on social media. Good or bad, these clicks are memories and since you as the couple haven’t seen them, along with the wedding hashtag that you ask your guests to use, you can also give them the link of a group you made on WhatsApp or common Dropbox or Google Drive folder, or use an app called IFTTT that connects the apps of your choice. One more thing ticked off your co-ordination list. #HasselFree!

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