12 Shaadi Planning Fights *Every* Couple Has (Don’t Worry!)

12 Shaadi Planning Fights *Every* Couple Has (Don’t Worry!)
Even though the run up to the wedding is always described as the most exciting time of your life, it is also totally natural to fight with the fiancé during this time. Believe us! Below are some wedding planning fights that inevitably creep up during the process!

1. Umm, do we really need a separate youngsters night, cocktail and sangeet?

This wedding is sounding hella tiring, TBH.

wedding planning fights

2. Just pick any flowers for the decor; how does it matter?

HOW DOES IT MATTER?! *Breathes fire*

3. I’ll shop in December

We are getting married in November!!!

wedding planning fights

4. Must we invite all your distant relatives to the intimate ceremony?

But...they mean a lot to my family...

5. Must you be on a diet? Let’s chill out and have some fun!

Easy for you to say, I have to fit into my lehenga!

wedding planning fights

6. Why are you getting so hyper? There’s so much time left!

Do you have any clue how many things there are to do?

pink banner

7.  Why must we browse 4 shops before picking something to wear?!

Because it’s our wedding, it comes once in a lifetime!

wedding planning fights

8. Why do we need so many dance practices before the wedding – this isn’t Jhalak Dikhlaja!

But dances need practices and co-ordination...and people will be looking at us!

9. Do I really need to come for that food tasting?

You expect me to taste all that food alone?!

wedding planning fights

10. Must we keep that pooja in the morning?

One hungover couple coming right up!

11. Can we keep things more fun and less religious?

You try convincing the folks naa then!

wedding planning fights

12. Why must you have everything your way?

Because I’m the bride and as well know, the bride is the most important person in the whole wedding! *angelic smile*

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