10 Genius Ways To Style A Top To Make Your Waist Look Smaller!

10 Genius Ways To Style A Top To Make Your Waist Look Smaller!

We’ve all wondered how to make our waist look smaller in tops without having to struggle too much. Thinking, what should I wear to look slim? Here are some amazing and easy tips on how to choose tops that enhance your curves in a delightful manner and doesn’t make your waist look broad!

Styling Tips To Look slim? 

Shapewear For The Win!

Not getting the desired curves in a fitted top? Try wearing a waist cincher or a shaping corset. These awesome shapewear options were created for this exact purpose. Let go of the apprehension and give this magical hack a shot. They are not only comfortable and seamless but they also enhance your figure beautifully. Read this to find the perfect one for your body type!

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Highlight Your Upper Waist!

make your waist look smaller

The upper waist, which is a couple of inches below the bust, is generally the narrowest part of the body, thus highlighting that with elasticated waist tops or wearing a thin belt will make the waist look slimmer. So go forth, and grab those pretty, pretty tops and flaunt those curves!

Pay Attention To The Details On The Fabric!

Stay away from lots of gathers, tucks and pleats that are concentrated on the waist area. Instead choose dense prints on the surface like ruching, embroidery etc. These opaque prints not only give an illusion of different dimensions, but they also make the waist look smaller. Easy, right?

Choose High Waisted Numbers!

make your waist look smaller

Wear higher-waisted skirts and pants. They hug the upper waist (perfect!), creating an illusion of a smaller upper body and long slender legs…instead of the pants that sit right under the belly button. Opt for high waisted trousers or skirts if you are looking for easy ways to make your waist look trimmer. They’re also in vogue and they make you look super trendy. So much win!

Show Your Love For Peplum Tops!

Peplum tops are for the girl who wants to create the hourglass silhouette without much effort. Peplum tops cut at the waist and flare out as they move away from the waist line. This fit and flare design works wonders to make the waist look smaller. BannerPink 500px

Get Your Hemlines On Fleek!

make your waist look smaller

Make sure the hemlines of your top always end at points that flatter your body the most. If you are someone who has a heavier lower waist, avoid crop tops that are too short; instead, choose tops that end right below the waistline. For someone with bigger thighs, choose a longer top.

Dark Colors And Colour Blocking Magic!

If you are wearing knitted t-shirts, choose dark colours. Also, tops with colour-blocking designs that have dark colours on the sides (your obliques) and a lighter colour in the middle (your abdomen) will create lines that slim the waist down. For instance, if you pick a white and black colour-blocked top, make sure the white is the middle part of the top!

Do The Tuck!

make your waist look smaller

Contrary to what is believed, tucking in a top makes the waist look narrower. Loose blouses and shirts look neater when tucked in and it also creates structure. Wear higher waisted lowers when tucking in jersey tops to highlight your upper waist and finish it with a kimono jacket or a cropped jacket if you are still unsure about it.

Choose The Right Sleeves

Stay away from flared sleeves and bell sleeves as they end right at the waist when you hands come close to your body, making you look broader. If you are going for full sleeves, make sure they are tapered as they will make the wrists look slim and not add that bulk on the waist either.

Accessories Play An Important Role

make your waist look smaller

Wearing long pendants that end near the waist is a no-no. They pull all the attention downwards making your waist appear heavier. Instead, go for something that ends around the cleavage - this will redirect attention to other areas! Wear statement neckpieces or earrings that will pull the attention upwards - this will create an illusion of a smaller waist...and make you look taller! :D

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