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Pre-wedding shoot: Everything you need to know about them!

Pre-wedding shoot: Everything you need to know about them!
Pre-wedding shoots are all about pictures that you’ll cherish for a long, long time. It’s also like a ‘gearing up’ session before the actual festivities and the endless 'clickings' begin! And it’s also the perfect way to break the ice with your photographer. Here are a few quick tips and things to know before you head out for the photo session! 1. It’s not as expensive
pre wedding shoot A lot of couples don’t even consider going in for a pre-wedding shoot assuming it might cost them a bomb. But that’s not really true. Some photographers offer a complimentary pre-wedding shoot if you’re booking them for the wedding functions too. So do make sure you insist on a package deal with a single photographer rather than hiring two different ones. And just in case that fails, we always have our friends to help out! We all have that one buddy with a fancy camera and an interest in photography. Check out these adorable pictures that you must get!  Image: Kanika Minocha Wedding

2. It’s all in the location

pre wedding shoot Depending on your budget, choose a good location for the shoot. While resorts and high-end clubs charge a fixed sum of money; gardens, old monuments, city roads, shopping markets and a friend’s house come for free! Figure out where you feel most comfortable as a couple. Avoid busy areas if you’re the shy one because you sure will attract a lot of eyeballs! Also, keep the timing in mind ’cause you don’t want the harsh sun ruining your pictures. Early mornings are great and the setting sun too provides the perfect romantic light! Check out these locations for a stunning pre-wedding shoot.  Image: Bhumi & Simran Photography

3. What’s your vibe?!

pre wedding shoot

Are you the romantic couple who’ll be happy to just gaze at each other, steal kisses and walk hand in hand, or are you two always up for some adventure? Do what you love doing as a couple for the shoot too. The pictures need to come out natural and it’s best to choose an activity or location based on what sort of a couple you are. Imagine putting two people in a dreamy isolated garden setup when all they ever do is play a sport or party over the weekend. Awkward na
Image: Anurag Suri Photography pink banner

4. Outfits make a huge impact

pre wedding shoot If it’s a professional photographer who is shooting, he/she will be able to help you out with your outfits for the shoot. The clothes need to gel with the theme of the shoot, they need to be coordinated and colours should not clash with the backdrop. A green dress for a garden shoot is a big no and trousers against the romantic backdrop of a monument are not ideal either. Avoid colours that you’ll be wearing for your wedding ceremonies because repetitive, you know! Image: Navdeep Soni Photography

5. Props are fun!

pre wedding shoot Jazz up the most basic shoot by using fun props! It’s okay if you don’t have a great location or an activity to indulge in. The right props are all you need for a kickass shoot. You can include your pet, bubble makers, fancy umbrellas, a cycle, a picnic basket or just placards with witty one liners. Check out these super cute prop ideas!  Image: Neil D’souza Photography

6. Let’s talk makeup

pre wedding shoot If a make-up and hair stylist comes complimentary with your package, then good for you! If not, it’s fine to DIY and the key is to keep it minimal. You’ll anyhow be indulging in elaborate hairstyles and professional make-up for your D-day, so let’s just keep it as natural and as ‘you’ as possible. Use a long-lasting foundation that won’t start bleeding halfway through the shoot. Carry a lipstick for touch-up and a compact to pat on when required.  Image: Bhumi & Simran Photography

7. Just be you <3

pre wedding shoot That’s the one most important thing for getting the most fabulous pictures ever! When you look at the final print, you want to be able to connect with it, to feel the love, to feel yourself as a couple. Don’t copy or try and be someone else. Just let go, enjoy the moment, enjoy being with each other and be yourself. Trust your photographer and just go ahead and have fun! Happy shooting! 
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