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31 Days, 31 different hairstyles for women - Our Beauty Editor's Top Tips!

31 Days, 31 different hairstyles for women - Our Beauty Editor's Top Tips!

Stuck in a hair rut? Out of cute ways to do your hair? Well, we give you a month’s worth of awesome new stylish hairstyle ideas to style your hair differently, every single day. Read on for some super cool hairstyles for women! Forget about happy hair days, we ensure you have a happy hair month! :D 

1. Start With A Trim

style your hair differently Image: Shutterstock

Before trying out different hairstyles for women, start out on a healthy note by chopping off dry, damaged ends. It’s the only way to give you healthier strands that look way fuller. Trust us, you’ll feel better too! 

2. Flower Power

Chase away those Monday blues by adding a dash of pretty to your mane. Adorn those different hairstyles for women with flowers. Simply pin all your hair to one side and add a bright flower above one ear. It really will help you feel feminine and pretty all day long, while smelling oh-so fresh. 

3. The Voluminous Updo

Give your messy bun a glamorous twist by leaving the crown out while gathering the rest of your hair up. Now tease the crown section for that bouffant-esque bump on top and use bobby pins to pin the section in place. Now that is a super stylish hairstyle.

4. Pin It Back

Want to beat the heat, but tired of the regular ponytail? Try this simple hairdo instead; just make sure you have a stack of bobby pins handy. Simply pick up thin pieces of hair on the front and side and pin them to the back at random. Do this till most of your hair is pinned back. Don’t worry, it is one of those cool hairstyles for women that looks super chic and not as haphazard as it sounds. Plus it’s just so easy! 

5. The Faux Fishtail

style your hair differently

Those midweek blues are bound to set in, but getting your hair to look awesome helps any of us feel better. You’re going to love this gorgeous faux fishtail that is a stylish hairstyle so easy and will hardly take you 2 minutes. Simply bring all your hair to one side, hold all of it with one hand and with the other hand stick 2 fingers through and pull all your hair through this hole you created. Do the same thing a few more times, slightly apart from each hole you create, and pull your hair through. Secure with an elastic at the end. Watch the tutorial here.

6. Wake Up To Waves

Sleep in braids to wake up to sexy, tousled waves. Remember to make 2 braids at night or more, depending on how tight you want your waves. It works even better if your hair is damp when you braid it. Stylish hairstyle ready as you sleep.

7. Braided Halo

This cool hairstyle for women will help get your bangs out of your eyes and looks incredibly cute. Create plaits on either side of your parting, bring them to the back of your head and secure with bobby pins. 

8. Roll Up

Try this 1960s inspired stylish hairstyle by creating a deep side part; now gather all your hair at the nape and roll it upwards and pin it at the scalp. Swipe on some red lipstick and get ready to channel your inner flapper girl. 

9. Bejewelled Headband

Style your hair differently Image: Shutterstock

Bring some bling to your style by adding a pretty, embellished headband to your hair and wear it down or in a cool updo. Among all different hairstyles for women We love this stunning one

10. The Fake-Intricate Braid

Try this super easy technique that looks so intricate, and like you spent ages on it, when it actually takes 5 minutes. Create 2 regular braids and stick them together tightly with the help of bobby pins - the end result is that it looks like a single beautiful, intricate braid. What a cool hairstyle for women!

11. Turban Babe

Do a Kourtney Kardashian and simply slide on a hip turban (we’re loving this ASOS one). That’s all you gotta do really. Pair the stylish hairstyle with a flowy cape for a totally on-trend boho style. 

12. It’s All In The Parting

Who said your parting has to be a straight line? Change up your look in a second by changing your part. Flip it over to the other side and create a diagonal line instead of a straight line for a bit of edginess in this cool hairstyle for women. Now pin all your hair to the other side. 

13. The Braided Headband

 style your hair differently Image: Knot Me Pretty on Instagram

Simply make a not-too-thick braid on one side starting right above your ear and bring it over to the other side. Secure with pins in a way that your hair falls over it and conceals it. 

14. The Twist and Pin

This slightly different hairstyle for women is so simple but mega cute. Simply twist a section of hair next to your part and pin it at the back. You can use some pretty pins or simple bobby pins for it. 

15. Get Curling

Pick up random sections of hair and wrap them around a curling iron for laid-back, fuss-free waves when you want to bring some playfulness to your mane. You can do the same stylish hairstyle with a straightening iron too. Learn how to make iron curls here. BannerPink 500px

16. A Braided Updo

Try this girly bun by simply making 2 regular braids – 1 on either side of your head - starting at the front and then braid it backwards. Now gather both the braids in the back and twist them into a bun. Voila – cool hairstyle for women that is pretty as a picture! 

17. The Bun Ponytail

style your hair differently

Image: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram 

Take inspiration from Sonam to notch up your ponytail! Pull all your hair back into a sleek ponytail and then clip the top down to the back of your head. The top section will look like a bun. It’s a polished and chic look, don’t you think? 

18. Rock Bedhead

Simply wake up in the morning and do nothing. Add a bit of argan oil to the ends for a bit of shine or spritz on some texturizing spray and tousle for more of that sexed-up, messy effect.

19. Big And Bouncy

Use a large barrel brush to blow out your hair, making sure to lift your roots away from the scalp in the opposite direction for some full-on volume. Learn how to ace a gorgeous blow dry like Deepika Padukone’s stylish hairstyle  here

20. Put A Ribbon In It

Weave in a bright ribbon or even a colourful shoe lace through your braid to amp it up. A stylish hairstyle,So easy, but so cool! 

21. Bandanna Baby

style your hair differently Image: Shutterstock

Too lazy to wash your hair? Just tie a bright bandana on, slip on a pair of mirrored sunnies and flaunt your cool girl style. 

22. A Big Curl In Front

A funky style that can notch up your style anytime. Wrap the front, top section of your hair around a larger barrel curling iron, slide it out, twist and pin it in place in the front on the side. A different hairstyle for women that lets you play your charm.

23. Scrunch Much?

By now it’s obvious that we’re all for fun texture in our hair...gone are the days of sleek, straight strands. So when your hair’s wet, don’t comb it. Spritz on some sea salt spray for lots of texture and get scrunching with your fingers. Twist sections of your hair too if you like to create pretty curls. Tada!

24. The Bubble Ponytail

This stylish hairstyle is so pretty and will help you stay cool all summer long. Tie your hair into a high ponytail. Now wrap a sliver of hair around the elastic and pin it at the bottom to conceal it. Now tie another elastic a couple inches below the base, wrap a section of hair around it,then  pin it at the bottom of the ponytail so the elastic is covered. Keep repeating this till you have tied elastics down the length of your ponytail and concealed them. 

25. Pin Some Style On

style your hair differently Image: Shraddha Kapoor on Instagram We loved this simple but mega stylish look of Shraddha’s. Colourful bobby pins are all you need to create fun designs in your hair and save you from boring hair blues.

26. The Pompadour

This edgy and different hairstyle for women is certainly going to help you turn heads with its rocker-chic vibe. Take a thin section of hair in the centre of your hair (there will be no parting), separate it from the rest of your hair. Now gel down the rest of your hair on the sides for a sleek effect and leave the centre loose over it. 

27. Hot Cross Buns

Separate your hair into 3 sections – a top section, a middle section and a bottom one. Now wrap each section into a bun in the middle of your head so you end up with 3 buns in a vertical line. No one will ever know you were having a bad hair day as you flaunt this stylish hairstyle

28. The Actual Fishtail Braid

When you’re looking for some fuss-free style, the fishtail braid is a look you can’t go wrong with. It requires a bit of effort and patience, so give yourself enough time to perfect it. Divide your hair into 2 sections (not 3 like with a regular braid) now take a thin part from the outer edge of one section and cross it over to the other. Do the same on the other side. Continue doing this till you reach the ends and secure. Read our detailed tutorial to ace this cool hairstyle for women here

29. The Lazy Milkmaid Braid

style your hair differently Image: Alia Bhatt on Instagram

This is one of our favourite Alia’s looks and it’s pretty easy to perfect in under 2 minutes. Simply make a rope braid in the front – this is done by twisting 2 sections of hair till the ends, now pull it over across your head and pin it. Doesn’t it look ultra cute?! 

30. Candy Floss Bun

This brings a fun twist to a regular top knot. Tie all your hair up into a super high ponytail. Now spritz it with hairspray for plenty of texture before teasing it with a comb. Now wrap your textured and teased hear around the base of the ponytail and pin for a swirly bun.

31. The Criss-Cross Bun

Another pretty way to amp up a regular bun. Make a ponytail in the middle, leaving thin sections of hair loose on either side. Take one section, pull it over to the other side and wrap it around the bun and secure the ends with a pin. Do the same with the other section both sections cross over the right above the bun.

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