How To Style A Short Kurta For *Your* Figure!

How To Style A Short Kurta For *Your* Figure!
With the summers here, we all love wearing short kurtas, but what is the best short kurta for your body type? Here is how you can make that choice wisely by showing off your curves in the right way!

1. For The Apple-Shaped Lovelies!

short kurta according to your body type

An apple-shaped body has a slightly larger chest area, a slightly broader torso, and thinner legs and hips. So one idea for such a body type can be this - highlight the lower body and take attention away from the main torso. Pick darker-colored kurtas and emphasise the neckline, sleeves, and hemlines. An A-line kurta instead of a clingy kurta is a great idea. Avoid yoke-styled or collar kurtas and don’t opt for very light and floaty clothes.

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2. For The Pear-Shaped Beauty!

short kurta according to your body type

For the girl who has slightly smaller shoulders and bust but heavier thighs and hips and resembles the shape of a pear, here are some options: Collared kurtas that have a yoke and gather under the bust fall gracefully on the body, so do choose them! Colored lowers, especially, patialas, salwars and palazzos complement this body shape. Tightly-fitted lowers will define the legs more, so try to avoid those. Longer kurtas are a better choice since they makes you seem taller and balance out your overall look perfectly.

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3. For The Sweet Inverted-Triangle Shape!

short kurta according to your body type

This refers to a person who has larger shoulders and upper body, but has a narrower waist and slender thighs. To bring balance to such body and outfit, stay away from heavy shoulder pads or exaggerated shoulders, and stick to softer sleeves like butterfly or raglan, so that there are no sharp edges. Instead, concentrate on the waist by cinching it with a thin belt. Try deep-neck cut sleeveless kurtas. You can experiment with the lowers since really anything will look good!

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4. For The Ruler/Athletic-Shaped Belle!

short kurta according to your body type

Women who have a ruler-shaped body structure have shoulders, waist, and hips in equal proportion, and they have a very lean athletic figure. Short kurtas on this body type are ideal for bringing out those curves and for accentuating them. Belted short kurtis, draped upper bodices, and elasticated waists are some great ideas. Wear short kurtis with skirts and shararas to create the illusion of a curvy figure. Make sure that the nips and tucks are in the right place.

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5. The Gorgeous Hourglass-Shaped!

short kurta according to your body type

As the name itself suggests, an hourglass-shaped woman has her upper body in proportion with the hips and she has a very well-defined small waist in the shape of an hourglass. Slightly longer kurtas that don’t end abruptly over the mid-hips flatter this body type the most! You can choose anything which shows off the waistline. Stay away from clothes that are too closely-fitted or too loose because either can make you look bulky. A combination of fitted and flared is the best!

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6. For The Petite Girl!

short kurta according to your body type

If you have a narrow frame and a smaller bone structure, then you belong to the petite clan.Show off your assets by wearing strappy, racer back kurtis. Anything that is short (ends at lower waist) will look amazing if you pair it with wide legged trousers and it will also make you look taller. Pick something that has asymmetric hemlines and drapes so that lines are created on your body.

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7. For The One With The Fuller Figure!

short kurta according to your body type

Full-figured girl, you’ve got it all! - you are voluptous, have an abundance of curves and assets, which you are proud of. Stay away from larger prints, high necks, collars and instead, pick short kurtas and lowers in the same color. Go for cleaner cuts and avoid exaggerated necklines and sleeves. The simpler, the better.

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And there you have it! Now fish that fabulous short kurta from the back of your closet and don them with confidence. Have fun!