How To Make Your Arms Look Slimmer In Sleeveless Outfits!

How To Make Your Arms Look Slimmer In Sleeveless Outfits!
We’ve all been envious of women with toned arms in sleeveless dresses or tops. We’ve also had thoughts about how we would have to spend hours at the gym to get those arms. If you’ve been storing those sleeveless garments for the day you feel you’ll be able to wear them without being conscious...then it’s high time you throw away your worries and take those fun clothes out for a spin! Here are some fabulous styling tricks for you to rock the sleeveless numbers and flaunt those arms the right way!

1. Skip the standard sleeveless cut for a deeper sleeveless one!

arms look slimmer in sleeveless

Wearing a normal sleeveless top which covers the entire shoulders is not ideal if you want to make your arms appear slimmer. Instead wear something that has a slightly deeper cut...which exposes the shoulders little more, as shown in the picture above. This doesn’t cut off the arm at the point where the arm stand out distinctively but instead makes it appear longer and slimmer.

2. Choose a flattering neckline!

Of course, this goes without saying. As the arms and the neckline fall in the same horizontal line, it’s best to bring attention towards the neckline. V-necks creates an illusion of a longer neck and highlight the collarbone. You can also opt for button down shirts that have collars that stick close to your neck. The arms look slimmer in this style too since the garment lays emphasis on the curve of the shoulders rather than the arms.

3. Try the butterfly cut!

arms look slimmer in sleeveless

Butterfly cuts are super-short sleeves (practically sleevless!) that overlap at the shoulder but show off a hint of the arms like the one in the image. The arms are visible, and just the right amount of skin is seen. However, don’t make the mistake of opting for cap sleeves, even though they can be super short too - they cut at the broadest part of the arm and make them appear broader.

4. Go for boxy shapes!

Generally, this would not seem appealing if you are someone who likes fitted garments. But trust us, boxy tees can look super cool if you pick the right one. This shape creates an illusion of smaller arms because of the overall broad and structured silhouette. Box shaped dresses and tops are totally in fashion and they look pretty graceful too.

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5. Wear thin accessories on your wrist!

arms look slimmer in sleeveless

Visually, wearing thicker bands and handcuffs makes the arms look thicker as they visually cut the length of your arms. Try thin delicate accessories on your hand and wrists, like stringy bracelets, as the contrast of the thin accessory against the length of the arm makes the arm look slender and sleeker.

6. Make sure armholes are not tight and the bra fits right!

This goes without saying that bras need to fit right to avoid side bulges, which can look strange in sleeveless outfits. Also, make sure the armholes are not too tight either. Go for something that has slightly loose armholes with enough breathing space that does not suffocate your arms.

7. Stay away from thin straps and spaghetti!

arms look slimmer in sleeveless

Strappy clothes and spaghetti tops make the shoulders and arms seem bigger as there is a lot of skin that is visible. If you are keen on wearing spaghettis or top with thin straps, you can throw on a thin cover-up or a loose shrug for the same effect.

Top Tip: While posing for pictures in sleeveless clothes, make sure your arms are not sticking to your body. Place your hands on your waist on either sides, pull in your shoulders a bit, and you’ve got the perfect picture!

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