How To Show Off Your Waist… Without Looking Scandalous!

How To Show Off Your Waist… Without Looking Scandalous!
We are all loving the cropped tops trend because it gives us a chance to show off and revel in our bodies and hey, it’s also summer! But we don’t want to style it the wrong way and look like we are trying too cropped tops and bare midriffs might easily come off as a little OTT. How to do it right and show off your waist without grabbing too much attention, you ask? Here are some helpful and fab tips on how to flaunt your midriff without revealing too much!

1. Wear a well-fitted crop top with flared high-waisted palazzos

show off your waist without revealing too much

A well-fitted crop top can do amazing things for your waist! Pair it with high-waisted palazzos  that cut on the tiniest part of your waist. The flares at the bottom of these pants will help balance out the fitted structure of the top and the high waist pushes your tummy in revealing only a tiny portion of your waist. Perfect!

2. Cropped tees with denims look pretty fab!

Every girls owns a pair of denims! And we love them for their easy, casual and no-nonsense look. Pair your favourite denims with a trendy cropped tee to add a little bit of oomph, and you’re good to go! A cool way to show off your waist and keep it casual at the same time!

3. Throw on a fab third piece

show off your waist without revealing too much

If you’re feeling a little conscious about wearing a crop top that reveals your waist, it is always a good idea to pick up a thin jacket as a third piece! It will make you feel covered and at the same time it also gives the world that necessary sneak-peak preview to your fab waist! ;)

4. Avoid wearing a sleeveless crop top with a mini skirt

A mini skirt already shows off a considerable portion of your body, viz. your thighs and legs. And if you also wear a crop top that reveals your waist with a mini, (and a sleeveless crop top at that!) - you can end up looking a little Fanny Hill-ish. :P So avoid wearing a top which shows off your waist with a mini skirt as it might come off as a little OTT for everyday wear.

5. Wear a cropped blouse with an A-line skirt instead!

show off your waist without revealing too much

As the name itself suggests, A-line skirts are broader at the bottom and narrower up top. Which means they flare out in a circle - adding a fairytale magnifique to the look, which is feminine and graceful. They look great when teamed with a cropped blouse because the volume of the skirt balances out the short length of the top perfectly. Not revealing too much and perfect for a dreamy date look!

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6. Say yes to cargo pants

Cargo pants are awesomely versatile and comfy. I, for one, love wearing them, especially in summers, because they give my legs ample freedom to breathe unlike skinny denims which can suffocate your skin...especially during summer. Wearing cargo trousers with cropped tees is a great idea to flaunt your waist without drawing too much attention. The uber casual fit and design of the pants takes the focus away from the top and makes your ensemble look cool and laidback.

7. Try a scarf

show off your waist without revealing too much

A scarf can do beautiful things when paired with an outfit which shows off your waist, like the tie-up shirt here. A scarf covers the neckline - and since your waist is already exposed, covering your neckline will allow for that harmony which prevents you from looking like you’re revealing too much! So try a scarf - and it need not be a heavy winter scarf, just a light chiffon-ey summery one will work!

8. Wear a loose fitted cropped tee with a pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are constructed to create an illusion of a straight line in the lower part of your body. They hug your legs tight and wearing a loose fitted cropped tee with them creates a chic look and shows off the perfect amount of skin!

9. Low-waisted bottoms and tight tops - not the greatest idea!

show off your waist without revealing too much

Low-waisted bottoms means your waist is already exposed, and then combining them with a top which exposes the waist… Doesn’t seem too wise if you’re trying to not reveal too much, does it? So, in general, it’s simple - do not fall for this combination in your attempt to expose your waist while not revealing too much.

10. But low-waisted jeans and a loose fitted cropped top is perfect!

On the other hand, a pair of low-waisted jeans and a crop top which cuts above the waist in a loose manner is perfect! It looks casual yet edgy when paired with a pair of flats or sneakers. It also gives a fresh, minimal vibe to your ensemble and makes you look effortlessly cool!

So what’re you waiting for? Experiment with these cool outfit ideas to show off your waist this season without revealing too much!

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