Making A... Make-Out Video? 7 Things To Keep In Mind!

Making A... Make-Out Video? 7 Things To Keep In Mind!
Okay, fair enough, not many girls actually do this. But it’s something most of us have at least thought about - making a make-out video with our guys! Because nothing wrong with starring in our very own, private naughty film, right? Well, whether you plan to do it or not, here are a few things you should DEFINITELY keep in mind!

1. Trust, trust and more trust!

This is key, ladies. The MOST important thing. You must be very, very sure that your partner is never, ever, ever going to share this with anyone else, or make a copy that you’re not aware of (even if it is just to have a backup). Take it from me - you don’t want to be living with the worry that your super-sexy video turning into the next YouTube sensation!

2. Where are you going to save it?

Not on your phone, for sure! Who knows who might accidentally see it someday? While they’re trying to make a call or something? A secure flash drive is the way to go.

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3. Which brings us to....get offline!

You know all those stories we hear of actors and actresses getting hacked and their nudie pics ending up all over the Internet? It’s because someone managed to find their way into their cloud and download from there. The safest thing to do when you’re, er, acting stuff out is to switch off your WiFi, your bluetooth AND your 3G, so that nothing is automatically backed up by your device. Transfer your naughty video via USB to your (offline!) computer, and create your flash drive. Erase the files from your phone/ camera/ computer. And THEN get back online again.

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4. Please ensure absolute privacy for your session!

It’s embarrassing enough to get caught making out with someone. But to get caught video-taping yourself while you’re doing so? You don’t even want to try to explain that.

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5. Avoid a full-frontal!

On the off-chance that you do get hacked or something, let’s at least try to make sure that no one ever gets to see your private bits plus your face in the same frame?

6. Making sure of the mechanics is extremely helpful!

If you are making a video, might as well make it a good one, right? So make sure you have enough lighting, etc. Also, please get a tripod if you’re using an actual camera. And even for a phone video, invest in a selfie stick or a phone stand that you can adjust for angles. Trust me, you don’t want to have to keep adjusting your position to get into the frame while you’re in the middle of your make-out sesh - it a) feels ridiculous; and b) is a bit of a mood-killer!

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7. There may be a custody battle to fight some day…

Heaven forbid that the two of you part company, but please acknowledge that if you do, you must make sure that the device on which the video is stored (i.e., the secure flash drive we talked about earlier) stays with you. It’s just common sense. Take it from a girl who still worries that the video she made with her ex 9 years ago might just surface someday. :-(

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