8 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When Her Bestie Gets Married!

8 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When Her Bestie Gets Married!
“WOW! My best friend is getting MARRIED!” “OH GOD! My best friend is getting married!! WHY!” You’re torn between these two emotions - one of happiness and another of sheer confusion and sadness and possessiveness. You just do not know how to react to your favourite person getting married. You’re flooded with too many emotions and you absolutely have no idea about what’s going to happen and how it’ll all turn out to be!

Here are a few thoughts that definitely cross your mind on your bestie’s wedding!

1. “How will things between us be after she gets married?”

You ponder and wonder about how things will be after she says, ‘I do’. You love your friend deeply and you want things to be the same - but you also know that change is inevitable and marriage does call for changes.

2. “Will she be happy? Will he keep her happy?”

Your bestie’s happiness is all that matters to you and you only wish that her man is the right one for her, and that he keeps her happy. Oh! You’d anyway break his bones if he doesn’t take good care of her and no one wants their bones broken. ;)

best friend is getting married

3. “I hope her mother-in-law isn’t someone straight out of some Bollywood movie!”

We often take mother-in-laws to be vicious, scary and downright clever. Thanks to Bollywood and those Ekta Kapoor serials, we often see mom-in-laws as monsters - and you only wish that your bestie’s mom-in-law turns out to be someone nice!

4. “Damn! We’re ADULTS now.”

You just can’t believe the fact that you both are ‘grown ups’ now. You both have always wanted to grow up, get married and have your happily ever after - but now that the time’s come, you’re jittery and you don’t know if you want to see your best friend go away.

best friend is getting married

5. “Will she be able to handle all the responsibilities?”

Marriage comes with a great deal of expectations and responsibilities. To meet those expectations and to fulfil those responsibilities is NO cake walk. You and your partner-in-crime couldn’t handle yourselves till yesterday, and today, she’ll walk into a world full of responsibilities.

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6. “I love her way too much and I’ll miss her.”

You suddenly realize how much you love your best friend and how much you’ll miss her. Maybe you’ve never told her all of this before because you thought it’s evident! Well. It is evident, but you now want to scream from some hilltop and let her and the world know how much you love your best friend.

best friend is getting married

7. “I shall always be there by her side, come what may!”

You promise yourself of not letting your bestie’s marriage change the relationship and bond you share with her. You tell yourself that you’ll continue to protect her and support her, forever and ever.

8. “Time to celebrate!”

Oh my! All your life you planned for your best friend’s wedding and now, the time’s come to put every plan into action. Time to celebrate, get drunk, have fun... So... KILL IT!

best friend is getting married

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