19 WTF Thoughts Every Girl Had While Watching Ki & Ka!

19 WTF Thoughts Every Girl Had While Watching Ki & Ka!
This year’s much awaited Ki and Ka was less “Eeee” and more blah! The bland comedy attempts to show Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor in roles that defy society's mainstream understanding of gender... Rather, it just takes you on a two hour train ride that circles the idea of equality and lands back around mediocrity. If you haven't seen it, though, a) don't waste your money; b) don't read on, 'cos SPOILERS alert!!

1. LOL... So a film about gender equality decides to start with a Yo! Yo! Honey Singh song... Err, not a good sign!

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2. Seriously? The only way you managed to get your point across was by declaring you’re on your period? And, of course, the guy who was told this just had to look like he had seen a ghost!

3. I gotta agree with you there, Bebo - I don't want to be anyone's pillar either. I am a building. I am the Burj. I am woman. #FeminismFTW!

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4. Fool ishq... More like me so foolish. Why am I watching this???

5. Okay, so he likes trains, women and whisky... We get it - he's a "man".

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6. Oh, not to mention the fact that he DOESN'T like pink - way to break down stereotypes, Bollywood! Sigh...

7. I wonder what Saif thinks about all this kissing?

thoughts about ki and ka

8. Ummm... He’s riding a Segway? In Delhi? In your dreams, bro! #Pollution #MightGetHitByACar

9. Wow, so the only way Ka is able to "assert his masculinity" over a situation is to beat up a bunch of roadside scoundrels? How...revolutionary. (And seriously, that scene just had to be on a bus? Poor taste, guys.)

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10. Why is there no build up at all to like any scene? At least it will finish faster.

11. So, he accuses her of sleeping her way to the top. She starts beating him up. He shuts her up with a kiss. And then they have sex. And then no one brings up the ridiculous accusation he made or the fact that he literally shut her up by sticking his tongue down her throat?! Well, the morals and messages of this movie are just spot on, aren't they? #Equality #NOT

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12. Housewife? Couldn't they at least have used the film to get audiences familiar with the term "stay at home husband"? And what was with that mangalsutra scene?

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13. What kind of off brand pregnancy tests is she using, man?

thoughts about ki and ka

14. Oh god, her hair is so orange... She better not have those Aitraaz roots again.

15. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu deserves an Oscar compared to this film.

thoughts about ki and ka

16. Ugh, Bebo is such a bitch in this film. Why can't she be supportive too? Green eyed monster.

17. Huh, wait? Why am I hating on her in this film - isn't the film meant to be about a strong, career focused women who is able to "have it all"?!

thoughts about ki and ka

18. Or is it meant to be about the fact that we’ve contrived such gender specific roles in society and it shouldn't matter who undertakes what?

19. Either way...what just happened here?!

It COULD have been such a good film, but sadly Ki & Ka got messed up and muddled in the very stereotypes they were trying to break down.

Nice try, folks.

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