5 Simple Tricks For The PERFECT Red Pout!

5 Simple Tricks For The PERFECT Red Pout!
There is just something so damn sexy about red lips. When applied right, red lips can help you look like an enigmatic beauty! But mere two quick swipes before heading out the door isn’t doing full justice to your striking shade of scarlet. We’re gonna tell you the right way to apply red lipstick (or any bright/dark lip shade for that matter) for a flawless pout, for achieving a sexy pucker is an art!

Step 1: Soft lips

the right way to apply red lipstick 1Don’t even think about applying lipstick on chapped lips. Exfoliate your pout with a clean toothbrush dipped in warm water if you haven’t got a lip scrub handy. A thin layer of lip balm will make sure to keep your lips moisturized even under a drying, matte lippie.

Step 2: Outline

the right way to apply red lipstick 2

This is such an important step, but one that most of us never even think of. You need to find a lip liner that matches your lipstick or is a shade close to it, in order to help achieve flawless application, a fuller-looking pout, smudge-proof colour and to prevent it from bleeding outside your lips.

Start with your cupid’s bow on top. Draw an X with your lip liner by outlining your cupid’s bow and drawing 2 slanting lines from it. Then at the center of your lower lip, draw a line that outlines the curve of your lips to act as a guide. If you want to fake a fuller pout, you can draw this slightly below your actual lower lip.

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Step 3: Fill it in

the right way to apply red lipstick 3

Once you’ve followed these two main guidelines, outline the entire lip line and then fill in your lips entirely using your lip pencil. Use a tissue to blot. If you’re satisfied with how your lips look at this point, you can also add a bit of lip balm/gloss if you want to up the drama continue in the next steps.

Step 4: Bring On The Lipstick

the right way to apply red lipstick 4

Apply your red lipstick. Try using a lip brush as it gives you better precision for application in between the lines. Keep it matte if you like. Otherwise, dab on a layer of clear gloss for shiny, red lips.

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Step 5: Concealer To The Rescue

the right way to apply red lipstick 5

Dab a bit of concealer around your lips. This will help prevent your red from smudging and spilling onto your skin and also make your pout really pop.

So ladies, there you have it! This is the right way to sexy, sultry lips. It may take an extra minute or two but it will be totally worth the effort. You’re now a pro at flawless lipstick application. Smooch!

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