how men express love according to their zodiac

How Does He Show His Love For You? His Zodiac Says…


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Guys aren't so much in to the whole social media craze, nor do they say those three little words as often as we would like them too - but that doesn't mean that they don't love us. They just each have their own way of expressing it! Read on to find out what your guy has been doing when he's been wanting to express his love for you!

The Aries Male

A bold man, an Aries male will not be afraid to show his love in bountiful measures. You can expect him to be an alpha male in every way and express his love with physical gestures: whether it be arranging romantic nights with you, standing up for you or just being there for you when things are tough - he will make his presence and his love known.

how men express love according to their zodiac

The Taurus Male

Taureans tend to shy away from the public eye, especially when it comes to the act of love. This is because it goes against their practical and rational natures. If you look for the subtle things, though, the bull will always strive to make sure the waters are calm between you and that there are no future worries that haven't already been taken care of. He will care for and nurture you in his very own private way.

how men express love according to their zodiac

The Gemini Male

Gemini males are notorious for having two sides to their personality. While they are exceptionally  affectionate and truly appreciate the feminine form in all its glory, they can switch unexpectedly. If he engages in conversation with you and pursues you, you can be sure he's trying to express his love.

how men express love according to their zodiac

The Cancer Male

Cancer males tend to get quite consumed by their love interests. You will find him making plans with you and arranging things to be near you as often as possible. It can feel almost overwhelming, but the fact that the crab is showing you his real side beyond his hard exterior means he is showing you he loves you.

how men express love according to their zodiac

The Leo Male

The Leo male knows how to woo a woman...and when he has her attention, he will not disappoint. He expresses his love in a rather obvious way, but nevertheless it comes from the heart. Expect to be showered with presents, not because he feels that this is the way to show love but because his generous nature doesn't stand a chance when he is in love!

how men express love according to their zodiac

The Virgo Male

The Virgo male expresses his love in the form of friendship. Get ready to feel as though you have met your soulmate. He will make sure that you have his time and his companionship, and above all he will take time to understand you as a person. He has a naturally fun and extroverted personality that shines best when he has a good partner by his side!

how men express love according to their zodiac

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The Libra Male

Librans are lovers, in every form and every way. They are utterly romantic creatures who adore the concept of love and the idea of being with someone who makes them feel these warm, fuzzy things. You will see him watching you, adoring you from afar, and above all always making sure that you feel like you're the only girl in the room - even if it's filled with a massive crowd!

how men express love according to their zodiac

The Scorpio Male

Scorpios are intense; they live their live in a determined fashion and make their partner exceptionally aware of their intentions. A Scorpio male will not dilly-dally with his expressions of love - you'll know it because you will feel it when he is around you. He has an almost protective vibe that makes it known to you (and to others who might be wanting to get too near to you)!

how men express love according to their zodiac

The Sagittarius Male

This usually happy-go-lucky chap falls head over heals in love fairly easily when the right woman comes along. You'll see that his tendency to engage in reckless, frivolous activities lessens as his love for you increases. He loves to communicate and starts thinking about the future - and isn't afraid to let you know what's on his mind!

how men express love according to their zodiac

The Capricorn Male

Although they say that slow and steady win the race, the Capricorn male might sometimes seem to be taking this saying to the extreme. He isn't shy or unsure about you, and you will find yourself being his best friend, confidant as well as his lover. He will take time out of his usually busy schedule to accommodate you and put your needs first.

how men express love according to their zodiac

The Aquarius Male

An Aquarius male is the type of guy who typically shies away from commitment. He doesn't enjoy the big romantic gestures, nor does he revel in the idea of one partner for the rest of his life. He does, however, enjoy the company of someone who can stimulate his senses. You'll find him laughing at your jokes and occasionally even telling his friends about the feelings he has for you - before he even tells you himself!

how men express love according to their zodiac

The Pisces Male

This is one man who knows how to mate for life... If he has found you and you are the one, you can be sure he isn't planning on letting go anytime soon. He has many an interest and hobby, but once he’s committed, the one thing he isn't looking to add into his life is another woman. You will slowly find yourself becoming part of his world in an all-consuming way and feel like it’s where you’ve meant to have been your whole life!

how men express love according to their zodiac

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Published on Apr 23, 2016
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