11 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You Grew Up In The 90s!

11 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You Grew Up In The 90s!
Those were the days, the 90s. I know I sound really old saying that, since being a 90s child makes me, like, only a young adult, and yet it’s amazing just how much our world has changed in the past, what, two decades? Here’s what things were like back then...

1. Floaters were the coolest pair of sandals EVERY kid wore…

And whatever the outfit choice might be - from jeans to skirts or even dresses - floaters would inevitably find their place on our feet. Just why in the world did we like them so much, again?

grew up in the 90s

2. Do you remember our obsession with Kismi bars and chapsticks?

Chapsticks were the cooler version of Baby Lips today, ‘coz you didn’t just apply them a hundred times a day for pink lips, but you could also lick them off your lips for a sweet taste - imagine that!!

3. You’ve probably watched Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Hum Saath Saath Hain, like, a million times!

And here’s the thing, even now on a lazy Sunday, you wouldn’t mind watching it all over again.

grew up in 90s

4. And all of us collected tazzos!!

Just why were we so crazy about round colored cardboards, anyway? Come to think of it - the 90s was the time we would actually make coin collections or stamp collections, or collections for that matter. Hey, those can sell as antiques today!

5. Oh, how we would totally show off our Walkman and flip-phones.

There was something really badass about flipping your phone to cut the call. Pushing the red call button is so...boring.

grew up in the 90s

6. We had our own fun paper games! FLAMES or Name-Place-Animal-Thing...

And we had our own way to calculate love percentage with X Loves Y. Oh, super accurate.

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7. And didn’t your mom make you cover your notebooks in sad brown paper too?

That was THE rule. We would all cover our school notebooks in brown papers, and distinguish them with our name tags. Do kids do that anymore?!

grew up in the 90s

8. Cable got us ah-mazing TV shows like Aahat and Hip Hip Hurray

And nothing as original and convincing has happened since, really.

9. Floppies were the only way you could save your work, ‘coz CDs were a tad bit expensive.

And now they’re both extinct. *OMG*

grew up in the 90s

10. We also had to deal with Orkut and those expensive SMS packs…

And then we were also kinda the first generation to get hooked on to Facebook!

11. And Friendship Day meant a wrist-ful of coloured friendship bands…

You had to have an armful, otherwise you just didn’t have enough friends, you know.

grew up in the 90s

Just 20-plus years, and we’ve lived through so many changes. Haven’t we?

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