18 Things You’ll Get If You Just Looooove Goa!

18 Things You’ll Get If You Just Looooove Goa!
If you’d much rather be at the beach than anywhere else in the world (at any given point of time), then we are sailing in the same friggin’ boat - and that boat is certainly headed to Goa!

1. Your muscles start to relax the minute you touchdown in Goa.

There’s something in the air over there!

love goa

2. You already have all your favourite beaches and hangout places, but every single time, you discover something new!

Looking at you, Ashwem Beach.

3. It’s the only place where it feels totally normal to wake up and have beer for breakfast.

Could get used to that life, I tell ya!

4. Goa has something for everyone - whether you want to swim, unwind, indulge, relax or party.

And no one judges you there, no matter what you prefer to do.

5. Being in Goa with your friends gives you major friendship feels.

*Hums Dil Chahta Hai with a faraway look in eyes*

love goa

6. The art of susegad is worth learning from the Goans.

We wish we could shut shop and nap in the afternoon too, right?!

7. Goa is a photographer’s paradise...

And not only because of all those sun-kissed selfies (but they are obviously a plus).

8. North Goa has a completely different vibe from South Goa.

So much Goa, so little time!

pink banner

9. Every time you sit at a shack with a drink in your hand and watch the gorgeous setting sun...

… You start hatching plots in your head, about migrating to Goa one day .

love goa

10. The churches are beautiful and pristine.

Thank God (literally) that there’s one every few kilometres!

11. Destination weddings in Goa are the main reason we want to get married.

Barefoot “I Do’s” against a setting sun? Yes please!

12. Kings beer is a cult in itself.

Also, can we get alcohol at these prices through the year?!

13. Goa is all about that Seafood diet.

You see food, you eat it! #Simple

love goa

14. Give us a moment to reminisce about Calamari Prawns and King Fish.

Nostalgia, thy name is Brittos!

15. There’s a normal wardrobe and there’s a Goa wardrobe.

*Only small clothes allowed*

16. Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of being in the sky and looking down at the palm tree laced beaches of Goa.

Yes, we are in love with watersports like parasailing!

17. Your drinking capacity just expands in Goa.

“I’ve been drinking all day and I’m totally fine! Cool beans.” *Slurs while talking*

love goa

18. Goa is awesome all through the year, TBH.

Because you can never get enough "Vitamin Sea".

GIFs: Tumblr

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