11 Things You'll Only Get If You're Marrying An NRI!

11 Things You'll Only Get If You're Marrying An NRI!
You have an out-of-country fiancé? If you’re gearing up for the move to a whole new country with your hubby-to-be then you can definitely relate to these things. Here are some things you’ll get if you are marrying an NRI.

1. People Have Mixed Reactions When They Hear About It

Some girls think you’re super lucky to be moving away to an exciting country, while some think you’re crazy for even considering it!

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2. Your Friends and Family Are Already Planning Their Visits

They have a new holiday destination now, after all!

3. You’re Managing A Long-Distance Engagement

But he tries to visit as much as he can. He needs to take part in the shaadi prep, of course.

marrying an NRI

4. You’re Excited But Also Nervous About Moving Away

And the thought of leaving your parents, friends and everything you know is enough to make you tear up.

5. But Then You Realise It’ll Be An Adventure For Your Hubby & You

And will bring the two of you even closer.

marrying an NRI

6. People Are Always Asking You Questions About Your Visa

Will you get a Green card? How long will your visa take? Will you be able to work? Ummm...is it okay if you haven’t figured it all out yet?!

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7. You’re Mom Is Always Worrying About You Running A House There

She’s always forcing you to learn to cook and clean. She’s more stressed than you are about you managing a home from so far away from her!

marrying an NRI

8. You Spend A Lot Of Time Researching The Place

The jobs there, all the touristy things you need to see as soon as you get there, all the hip restaurants you need to go to with your hubby – you’re trying to prepare yourself for your new city as much as possible.

9. There’s A List Of Things You Want To Do Before You Leave

As the countdown begins, your friends and family are all about the things you need to do, eat and see before you leave.

marrying an NRI

10. You Have To Pack ALL Your Things!

And make difficult decisions about what you can take and what you can leave behind! But hey, think of all the cool shopping you can do in your new city!

11. Your Parents Tear Up At The Thought Of You Moving Away

Your family and you are already planning when you’ll see each other next, and who will visit who. And you’re teaching your mom how to use Skype so you can see each other all the time ;)

marrying an NRI

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