11 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You’re Just Two Sisters!

11 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You’re Just Two Sisters!
“A sister is a friend forever.” Having a sister is like having a best friend with you forever - one who will leave your side no matter what. Growing up in a house with only sisters, is a blessing.She is fun, caring, protective and of course super awesome. Having a sister is like having a partner till your denture days. Here are a few things that all sisters will agree with.

1. Living In The Same Room

Sharing a room with your sister is never a problem. You can sleep the way you want to sleep, have your clothes all over the room and not bother to hide the packets of sanitary napkins. You can change into your nightsuit and not wear a bra and be completely comfortable with your sister in the room! Although sharing a room also means running and getting into bed first, so that you don’t have to turn off the light.

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2. Sharing… Everything!

A sister teaches you sharing. You can share clothes, makeup, jewellery and everything you own. With a sister, you can also share all your problems and there is nobody in this world who will understand them better; she has gone through the same problems in life and gives you the best advice from her experiences - or vice a versa.

3. Fighting!

Whoever said that a house full of sisters is a peaceful house is clearly mistaken. Sisters also have serious battles. Right from bathroom battles in the morning to arguments and fights over serious issues - sister fights never end! Sisters probably let out their most aggressive side when they fight with each other and often end up saying the meanest things to one another. Although, they mostly forget all that they ever said to each other the next morning - and often even forget the reason they fought in the first place!

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4. Nothing Is Embarrassing...

From discussing the size of your boobs to complaining about your period cramps, there is no topic which is off limits with your sister. She comes to your mind even before google when you need to talk about an embarrassing bodily function.

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5. Two Is A Team

You have a permanent back up and a partner in crime in everything mischievous. From bitching about family members you don’t like, to having the “I saw that too” eye contact during family functions and dinners - your sister is always there for you. Each time you need some help convincing your parents about anything, you know you have won half the battle because you have her by your side. And each time you need company for a movie or dinner, you know who to drag along.

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6. Dad Is Always Surrounded By Women!

In a house full of women, imagine what all a father has to go through. He has heard his daughters and wife complaining about their period problems and knows the importance of Meftal Spas in his house! He has to cope up with the women in his life shopping whenever they all go out together. He also has to survive the “I think I have put on weight” discussions. And to add a cherry on top of the cake, imagine having to prepare trousseaus for his daughters!

7. Daddy’s Princesses

Every girl feels she is daddy’s little princess - but what happens when there are two girls at home? Who becomes the princess is a good enough reason for World War 3! Poor Dad is once again cornered!

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8. Overprotective Parents

Tell the father of a daughter that she is getting home late and you will find him wide awake waiting till she doesn’t get back home. It is not that there are double standards - the fact is that things are different with daughters at home and they are just raised in a more guarded environment.

9. Being Sisters Does Not Mean Being Twins!

We all know those aunties who say, “you both are just the opposite” or “you both just don’t look like sisters”, and you both just want to scream and tell them that being sisters does not mean you are twins! You’re different because you are two different people - but instead, you both just give a fake smile and continue listening to what they’re saying.

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10. The More The Merrier

Having a sister means having more friends. Each time your sister’s or your friends are over, you know it is going to be one big party.

11. Going Away...

You wait all your life for your sister to get married and leave the house, so that you get the room all to yourself and can have all the attention on you. But deep down, you also know that once she goes away, you are going to miss her the most! Then there are also times when you both feel bad that once you both get married, your parents will be left alone. And so you hope that both of you and your parents end up in the same city!

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