guy who does not express his feelings

9 Things You’ll Get If He Isn’t Good At Expressing His Feelings

Natasha Vazirani

Guest Contributor

We're not all perfect, no. Some of us are too loud, some too quiet. Some of us are too expressive, some barely at all. Some of us talk about how we feel all the time… And there are some of us who just don't know how to. If your boyfriend falls in the second category of any of these, then these are some things you'll totally get!

1. You love that he doesn't play any word games.

Since he's a man of few words, they're mostly useful ones. Thank god.

2. Sometimes your friends don't get why you're with him...

But that's only because they don't get to see the side of him that you do.

guy who does not express his feelings

3. He lets you be the wild, crazy, emotional one.

You have total monopoly on that role and you secretly love it!

4. You keep second guessing his feelings.

After enough time passes, you do get insecure thoughts, "Does he still love me though?"

guy who does not express his feelings

5. But, when he does express his love, it totally makes up for everything.

He's a giant mush under all that quiet guy exterior.


6. Sometimes, you feel underappreciated.

You keep making these grand gestures and you feel like maybe you need a larger reaction from him.

guy who does not express his feelings

7. Though, after a while, you don't even need words to communicate.

You can tell by his expression exactly what he's feeling and that makes you feel really close to him.

8. It may be impossible to get his opinion sometimes.

He tries to not hurt your feelings and still not lie to you… And, yea, yea, you get that that's impossible at times.

guy who does not express his feelings

9. End of the day, he tries his best to make you happy.

Your happiness is his main priority and hey! You've never had a chance to complain yet. :)

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Published on Apr 24, 2016
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