13 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You’re An Engineer!

13 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You’re An Engineer!
If I were to stand at a crossroad and ask how many people are engineers, more than half the folks present would raise their hands! Its not simple going through those 4 years of college - where you do everything from working with wood and molten metal, to studying potentially incomprehensible subjects. Here are 13 bang-on things you will relate to if you are an engineer.

1. Not an IITian? Hawwwww!

I am sorry, are you an IITian? Oh, so you aren’t either? Hmmm... Please keep your opinions to yourself then?

you are an engineer

2. I created a Minion for every exam I wrote. That’s how there are so many of them!

And it’s not even like they (the exams) behave themselves and are easy. Hello? There aren’t any Newtons around here any more.

3. To hell with logic. Write a manuscript because the question is worth 10 marks!

The number of marks a question is worth X 2 = number of sheets you need to fill in the exam.

you are an engineer

4. Woe betide if you ask for an extra sheet during an exam. *WTF stares all around*

*Gulp* I just crossed out 3 answers, guys. Don’t kill me please.

5. If you are a mechanical engineering student, chances are you will be found surveying the IT/ CSE department corridors to see these other “Girl” creatures that people keep talking about.

And that I-have-conquered-the-world feeling when one of them kind of becomes your friend.

you are an engineer

6.  Phones, computers, TVs, cars, broken brains. People start expecting you to be a genius Ms Fix-It-All.

Calm down, people. I am an engineer! Not Harry Potter.

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7. Lectures make you empathize with people who have learning disabilities.

The words are dancing around… My head is spinning...3...2...1...I am asleep.

you are an engineer

8. The first line of the course says “This technology is archaic and no longer in use” - so we will just study a million pages about it.

To hell with Java, I know a language called DeadLanguageThatMakesNoSense.

Where is it used?


9. Project presentations

6 Hours before the project presentation: Where is my project?

3 Hours before the project presentation: How does this work? It doesn’t. *Shit*

30 Minutes before the project: Whatever.

you are an engineer

10. Lab manuals are made on human assembly lines one day before practicals.

Yes. Henry Ford, we have done it too. And it’s even better.

11. Free food is your bae.

Food is true love. Doesn’t cheat on you, doesn’t have tantrums and will never hurt you.

you are an engineer

12. When the interviewers ask you why you took up engineering during a job interview...

*Blank stare* Now that’s a tricky question.

13. We are still hating on all those people who said “Beta, engineering karlo. Bada scope hai”

You...all of you. Pure evil.

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