girl who loves wearing red lipstick

18 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Love Red Lipstick!

Priyanka Ghura

Assistant Editor

There is something just so sexy about a girl wearing red lipstick. She has that unmissable bold, fearless and charming vibe and undeniably looks attractive. If you love wearing red lipstick, then you will definitely relate to these. You go, girl!

1. You know there are so many different types of red – a deep berry to a velvety crimson to a luxurious purple tinge or just a hint of pink in the mix. And you love collecting them all!

girl who loves wearing red lipstick

2. You waste a lot of money buying these shades and finding the perfect red for you.

3. And when you do find that perfect red, you feel like you’re cheating on it when you ever wear anything else.

4. You’re kinda always worrying about whether your lipstick has stained your teeth.

girl who loves wearing red lipstick

5. The front camera on your phone doubles up as a mirror for your lipstick applications and touch-ups.

6. Once you swipe on your sexy red lippie, you feel confident as hell.

7. You take the best selfies when your pout is dressed in red!

girl who loves wearing red lipstick

8. Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe, and other icons who love rocking a red pout are your favourites.

9. Other girls are always asking you what shade you’re wearing.

10. You try to avoid messy food so as to not mess up your carefully-applied lipstick, and you drink your cocktails/coffee with a straw!

girl who loves wearing red lipstick

11. You may forget your wallet or keys but you will NEVER forget carrying your lipstick tube in your bag when stepping out.

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12. You come across as super confident, a little crazy, extremely fun and passionate. You take pride in being a woman and that red just reaffirms it every single time.

13. Men find you irresistible.

girl who loves wearing red lipstick

14. You’re unapologetically sexy and always look well put together.

15. Your dad/boyfriend/guy friends are amazed at just how much you’re willing to spend on a good lipstick.

16. People ask you what’s wrong on the days you don’t wear red lipstick.

girl who loves wearing red lipstick

17. You’re a classic beauty!

18. When you rock a red pout, you feel ready to conquer the world. 

girl who loves wearing red lipstick

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Published on Apr 10, 2016
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