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What You Don't Realize About Your Guy Until You Live With Him!

What You Don't Realize About Your Guy Until You Live With Him!

The transition from living alone to living with someone isn’t exactly easy, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be too hard either. Moving in with your boyfriend could either make it or break it for the two of you - but you will learn and notice a lot more about each other once you do start living together. Here is a list of things you possibly didn’t know about him before you moved in with him.

1. Cleanliness may not be his forte!

Aside from the negligible percentage of absolutely neat and tidy men in the world, the rest of them basically just couldn’t be bothered. Clothes lying around all over the place for days, or even unchanged bedsheets is not something that will particularly trouble them!

2. He cares a lot more about his looks than you think

He has a range of products for his face and his hair. When he runs out of his own products, he will shamelessly help himself to a healthy dosage of your products. Living with your boyfriend

3. He zones out more than you ideally want him to

He will suddenly go into a solemn mood and suddenly stop talking or really paying attention! And this is all for reasons unknown and for reasons that have nothing to do with you.

4. He gossips with his mother, just as much as you do!

Don’t be surprised if you find him giggling like a little five-year-old while doing so. Every man is a “Momma’s Boy” somewhere deep inside, no matter how tough they act. Living with your boyfriend

5. He will never ever make you do the heavy lifting

He might not actively participate in the grocery shopping with you, but he will always make sure that he carries all the shopping bags back home - no matter how heavy they are and no matter how far you live from the market!
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6. Football and his friends...

When his best guy friends come over to watch football and drink beer, he expects you to give them some time to themselves. He doesn’t mind if you hang out with them too, but he really would like his time-out with his friends. Living with your boyfriend

7. He is ashamed of how vulnerable he can be sometimes

And he will go to extreme lengths to try and hide it. Living together with someone gives us a deeper insight into all that the person is going through. Your man might assume that his tears make him look like a weak person - it’s up to you to change that perception!

8. Living with him is so much easier than living with any XYZ person

If there are some things you disagree on, you can both come out with what’s bothering you. Because there is always room for compromise in a healthy relationship. Living with your boyfriend

9. He will always want to come home to you

No matter how happy or how terrible or how uneventful his day might have been, he will always want to come home to your arms because this is where he is safe and loved.

10. He will put in effort just for you...

Once you start living together, you will slowly notice him putting in effort to make life a little easier for you. He won’t fling his dirty socks just anywhere - he’ll arrange things in order, he’ll fold his clothes, he’ll help in the kitchen. You will realise that he’s doing this for you, so that both of you can grow together.
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Published on Apr 27, 2016
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