8 Simple Ways To Prettify Your Room!

8 Simple Ways To Prettify Your Room!
Remember how cutely Konkana Sen aka Aisha did up her rented Mumbai home in Wake Up Sid? Most of us took a fancy to that mustard wall with white paper cutouts of birds on it, didn’t we? Since not everyone has swelling budgets for redecorating their cribs, we give you cost-effective and fun ways to prettify your space. Read on…

1. Fun With Fairy Lights

Not only do these brighten up your room, but also give a very cutesy look to whichever corner you hang them in. You can even collect these and place them in a mason jar, hang them around your mirror for better lighting or make a canopy with them in one corner of your room - you can have a low seating setup under this canopy to complete the look. Lighten up, ladies!

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2. Wine Bottles Win

Empty wine bottles add to the décor of your room in more ways than one. You can have different vintage bottles placed together and put any long-stemmed fresh flower in each. You can even paint them in funky ways with colours that match your room décor. Another way to use these is – place 4-5 of them together and put a string of fairy lights in and around each of them. More wine and cheese kind of evenings are welcome now!

3. Ceramic Flower Pots

Indoor plants are a great element to add to your room. They need some looking after, but are mostly fuss-free (If you remember your biology lessons, they’ll provide you some fresh air too!) Be it bamboo shoots or money plants, you can place them in pretty, coloured ceramic pots that are easily available in the market. Girls, there are polka-dotted ones too!

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4. Fancy Wedding Invites

We don’t really know what to do with those beautiful and sometimes quirky (also expensive) boxes that come as part of wedding invites these days. The chocolates placed in them are over, but you don’t have the heart to throw away that pretty thing? These can be placed on any console table in your room or on your dresser, and can be used as a jewellery box, or for your hair accessories, or just some papers that you’d have otherwise placed in a boring file or envelope in your bedside drawer. They look beautiful and add to your storage space too! Bring on the wedding season!

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5. Paint It Pretty

You’re no Michelangelo, but you sure can splash some paint onto your walls and play around with it. You can use one, two or more colours of your choice, search out patterns and styles on the internet and you have a self-painted wall in your room! This will be pocket friendly, and can be turned into a fun ‘let’s-paint-my-wall’ Sunday with your friends.

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6. Pretty Paper Fans

This is one of the most effective ways to add colour to your room. You can get them from any local vendor and use them in multiple ways. One way is to place a bunch of them in a vase or any wide mouthed, tall vessel. If there is a bare (read boring) wall in your room, you can stick them up to form different shapes or simply in a straight line one after the other. Colour burst, all the way!

7. Get Your Craft On

This is one of those DIY craft things that is easy and looks good - paper crane curtains. You can make paper cranes with coloured and printed paper and string them together with a sturdy thread. You can then place those strings next to one another by your room window and you have yourself paper crane curtains! Time to brush up on your craft skills!

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8. Softboard Stuff

They’re easily available to all and add a great personal touch to your room. You can pin up fun photos, badges, some old notes from your friends, perhaps. Anything that is a memory for you and can be pinned up, can go on the board. This is interesting for anyone who walks into your room, and you have all your fun memories right in front of you, always.

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