6 Items For Your “Bestie Bucket List” Once She Gets Engaged!

6 Items For Your “Bestie Bucket List” Once She Gets Engaged!
Your bestie’s engaged! How exciting is that? Shaadi planning is going to be so much fun. Before you say goodbye to the ‘Ms’ and hello to the ‘Mrs’, here are a few things you must plan for her, right after your bestie’s engagement!

1. Begin browsing

You, as a bridesmaid, along with your bride-to-be best friend now need to start browsing through bridal magazines, vendors, designers, wedding planners, food and décor ideas for wedding planning inspiration so you’d know exactly what your friend wants.

2. A little ‘us’ time

Your best friend has bought a ticket to the wedding amusement park and the whirling rides are just about to begin, the engagement being the easiest one to get through. So before everything gets crazy, you need to spend some quality time with her. Whiz her away for a small vacation or just a simple night in. It’s the quality time that she wants to spend with you before the actual wedding. And you may not realize this but it’ll give her satisfaction to know that her best friend is by her side during the entire wedding circus.

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3. Her wedding gift

If you start in advance you won’t be going around in circles later. As people closest to the couple, you want to make sure that your gifts are thoughtfully curated. You can find some Naughty wedding gifts for your bestie here. If you start brainstorming from the time she gets engaged, you’ll give your best friend another reason to be on cloud nine on her wedding day.

bestie’s engagement

4. Breaking the ice, ice, baby!

This is the probably the golden rule for all savvy best friend relationships, irrespective of gender. Since you are the best friend, it’s your duty to gather all your friends, get to know your bestie’s fiancé and break the ice. This your chance to let your friend socialise as a sane couple without fretting if everybody has a wine glass or not.

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5. The bachelorette party

A bachelorette party is no joke and these days a bride might turn into a bridezilla if her bachelorette party doesn’t go smoothly. I know I will! Clearly such an important occasion requires long hours of work, advanced planning and mind-blowing ideas. Not to forget that all this has to be executed with great secrecy.

bestie’s engagement

6. Raise a toast to your friendship

This is entirely dependant on your best friend’s personality - does she like over the top or small subtle gestures? You know best if she’d like a speech in front of the entire bridal party or a handwritten note just for her eyes; should you put together a photo montage for the cocktail or a single photo frame with the best picture of you two. These gestures just add to the emotional support she needs right now.

bestie’s engagement

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