13 Things You Need To Know Before You Go Jewellery Shopping!

13 Things You Need To Know Before You Go Jewellery Shopping!
When a woman is getting married, jewellery is of paramount importance along with her bridal clothes and the groom, of course! Since it’s a large investment, it’s very important to think it through. A whole lot of variables have to be kept in mind while going shopping for these precious jewels. We are here to make life simple for you. Just go through this checklist and you are sorted when you go jewellery shopping for the bride!

1. Get your outfits in place first

So that you are able to match your jewellery sets to the colour and embroidery of your outfit. This too according to the different functions so there is no duplicacy in the styles of jewellery.

2. Whatever your budget is, inflate it by 10% more!

We’re not asking you to go spend that extra amount but having a buffer is always a great idea just in case you want to add something. It’s best to be prepared.

3. Are you allergic to any metals?

It’s your day and the last thing you want is a rash and allergies because of the metals used in the jewellery. Best to mention it to the person you’re buying it from.

jewellery shopping for the bride

4. Look at a few options and only then finalise it!

Yes, scout around, pick your top three preferences and then narrow it down to the one chosen jewellery set so that you are fully satisfied of spending that money on your most favourite one!

5. Are you getting any passed on heirlooms?

If you are wearing something that your mother or mother-in-law once wore, then you need to be aware in case anything needs to be added to or upgraded to complete the set for the main day!

6. Take vital measurements at home!

Your wrist circumference, your necklace length, your ring measurements and the length of your earrings - if taken in advance this will spare you running back and forth to the jeweller.

jewellery shopping for the bride

7. Whenever you step out, go with a fabric cutting or picture of the outfit.

This will help you choose something that is most likely to go with your clothes. Your outfit might not be completely ready when you go jewellery shopping so this makes most sense!

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8. Be practical about your choice of jewellery!

Picking a rather heavy and elaborate piece means you cannot wear this in the future too much. Take interchangeable and adjustable pieces so that you can work around them later. For example, you could wear the same earrings as a pendant or a maangtika with simple adjustments.

9. The designs should be versatile!

Think about something that you can wear with Indian and western outfits after the wedding. Go for traditional looks but make sure to add a tinge of modernity.

jewellery shopping for the bride

10. Do a thorough research before going out!

Read up on different types of stones, metals, the latest designs and alternatives so you are completely sure of what the shopkeeper is talking about and maybe negotiate a better price too! For instance, you could choose either between polki diamonds or brilliant round-cut diamonds depending on your budget.

11. Try every piece to see if you are comfortable!

Most shopkeepers allow you try the jewellery on (except the nose ring maybe. It’s good to put it all on and wear it for a bit to see how you feel in them!

12. Keep the style of your clothes in mind too!

Your neckline and necklace should not clash. They should both be visible, the hairstyle should compliment the earrings and vice versa. The blouse sleeves should be coordinated with the number of bangles!

jewellery shopping for the bride

13. Don’t overspend but don’t underspend either!

Don’t go too cheap, it’s a once in a lifetime event, don’t worry about spending that money, this is an investment in a way. Make easy substitutes for the smaller functions with semi-precious jewellery. And yes, you can even have a combination of both!

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