7 Things Every Girl Must Know Before Her Wedding Night!

7 Things Every Girl Must Know Before Her Wedding Night!
You have butterflies in your tummy as your wedding day is approaching and you’re freaking out about your very special wedding night. What to do, what not to do…you keep picturing how the whole night is going to unfold inside your head, and all your friends, chachis and bhabhis are loading you with tips on how to deal with various ‘situations’. As if there wasn’t enough pressure already! Well here are a few tips that might give you some direction in being prepared for your special night:

1. Wedding Nights Are Tiring…

So try to get as much rest as possible on the night before. You don’t want to be drifting off to sleep on the very night you and your hubby start your new life together.

 things to know before the wedding night

2. It’s Okay To Not Do Anything

Although that is what everyone expects the newly wed couples to be doing, consummating like bunnies that is, it’s totally okay if you and your honey start by talking about your life ahead and share your happiness with each other.

3. Not Everything May Go As Planned

So your then-fiancée and now-husband and you had a chat about how you didn’t want kids anytime soon. Well, an overdrive of passion combined with excess of alcohol is potent enough to ruin this plan. Keep emergency contraceptive pills handy to avoid this situation.

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4. Bikini Wax Hurts

…and how!!! To avoid this initial shock of excruciating pain, we suggest you start going for it a few months prior to your pre-wedding session at the salon. Also, a bikini wax is not for everybody as it might cause rashes, swelling or allergies in your sensitive area. It’s best to try it before-hand and switch to laser if you can’t bear the tormenting pain.

 things to know before the wedding night

5. Check When You Are Ovulating

Women tend to be most fertile when they are ovulating. It’s always best to know when you’re ovulating beforehand to avoid unwanted pregnancies or, in fact, if you want to go ahead and start a family. Your gynae can best guide you on this.

6. Take It Slow

Try not to rush into things under the excitement and pressure of ‘doing it’. Stick to the good old foreplay and give yourself time to get over the initial inhibitions to have a truly memorable time. (Also you don’t want to end up sore with pain because there wasn’t enough lubrication.)

7. Midnight Snack

You might have not seen this one coming but believe us, by the end of a very long night you are so famished that your stomach grumbles, begging you to feed it. Keep some snacks handy for those late night hunger pangs.

 things to know before the wedding night

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