things that should not change when you start dating

7 Things That Shouldn’t Change When You Get Into A Relationship

Anusha Raheja

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No relationship is ever a complete waste. From every failed relationship and heartbreak there is something that I have learnt, about myself or at least about my decisions. The last relationship I had was intense and didn’t end so well. Once out of it and post all the breakup melodrama, I realised I was a changed person. I was smitten by him and I did a lot things just so that he would like me. I did not like that new me. So girls, here are a few things that I wouldn’t change about myself for a boy, again!

1. My dreams and goals

However silly, big or small they may be, no one and I mean no one has the right to change your dreams. Your dreams are only yours and they make you the person that you are.

things that should not change when you start dating

2. My relationship with my family

These are the people who will stand by you no matter what. They’ve seen you at your best and your worst and will continue to love you regardless. Never ignore your family just because you have a boy in your life now.

3. My friends

He might not like a few of your closest friends or get along with them. He might have an issue with you hanging out with your guy friends. But this is no reason for you to change your equation with them. These are YOUR people, so don’t give them up for anyone, even your boyfriend.

things that should not change when you start dating

4. My ability to make decisions

Now I am not talking about deciding where to eat for dinner. This is about having your opinions and the freedom to make choices. Choose for yourself and don’t do things you don’t agree with just to keep him happy.

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5. My identity

From your dressing style to those little habits of yours that he just might not get. The sitcoms you watch, the books you love or the weird flavoured mint ice-cream that you like - don’t change yourself just because someone else doesn’t understand these things about you. He fell for the person you are - you are two different people and don’t need to be alike.

things that should not change when you start dating

6. My self esteem

Now this is an important one, girls. Never let him make you feel that you’re not good enough or that you are inferior to anyone. This is the worst thing someone can do to you.

7. Independence

Emotionally or financially, don’t become too dependent on someone. Make plans with people important to you other than him, have some alone time and try to find happiness in the things that you love.

things that should not change when you start dating

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Published on Apr 30, 2016
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