11 Things To Keep In Mind To Avoid The “Clingy Girlfriend” Tag!

11 Things To Keep In Mind To Avoid The “Clingy Girlfriend” Tag!
Dear Girlfriends,

Here’s one word I am sure you all must detest - ‘clingy’. It just means all the wrong things, all at once. It means you’re way too dependent, way too pushy, way more into his space than he’d like you to be. Here are 11 things that might make you seem a little clingy in a relationship. Let’s quit doing them, yeah?

1. When he plans a day with his friends, and you invite yourself over.

Pick up on hints when they come your way. If he hasn’t invited you over, maybe it’s because he just wants some alone time with his friends? And that’s alright, right? It’s not because he doesn’t love you - but because he just wants some ‘guy time’.

 clingy in a relationship

2. When you make future plans with/for him, without actually making him a part of all this planning.

Trust us, he does want to give you the lion’s share of his time, but you can’t just decide in advance what he should be doing two months from today - especially without letting him know about it.

3. When you grow suspicious of every girl he talks to, and act all passive aggressive about it.

Imagine how annoying it would get if you had to explain every little action to someone. He feels the same when he has to detail out every polite conversation he had with every other woman, only to satisfy you.

clingy in a relationship

4. When you try to check his phone, every time he carelessly leaves it behind.

Yes, he’s your boyfriend and he shouldn’t be afraid of giving you his phone - but you too equally need to show how much you trust him and quit looking for chances to snoop into his chats. It’s bad manners, actually.

5. When you continuously keep texting him, because he doesn’t respond right away.

Maybe he’s in the middle of a meeting, or maybe he’s just sleeping. If it’s super urgent, give him a call. Otherwise, just wait for him to respond. A hundred texts is not gonna get him to respond any sooner if he is genuinely busy, but it will get him worried for sure.

clingy in a relationship

6. When you call him over and over when he’s out for a late night show.

Just who likes taking calls in the middle of a movie? If he’s told you he’s out, trust him to call you once he’s back home. Or, you guys can catch up in the morning, as well. Why the hurry?

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7. When you ask him to prove his love to you, post an argument!

The thing is that this proof that you’re looking for lies in the little things he does for you - in the way he looks at you. Just because you had a disagreement doesn’t mean that you forget all that you two share. That’s not too mature now, is it?

clingy in a relationship

8. When you don’t like his friends and ask him to choose between them and you!

You do realise that some of them might have been a part of his life for a long long time. It’s okay if you don’t like them, just like he may not like some of your friends either - but it shouldn’t become a choice between the two, right?

9. When you can’t seem to do anything at all without him and need his approval for every little thing!

Damsels who are always in distress seem appealing only in movies! In real life, it can be quite exhausting to deal with someone who needs constant validation. Plus men really do like a woman who’s got things in control and knows how to deal with her stuff.

clingy in a relationship

10. When you bring up details of what he did wrong a while back, only to win a fight!

Do not use his past mistakes as weapons in your present argument. It may prove you right, but it won’t dissolve the fight - and that’s more important, right? It’s not a war girlfriend, so calm down okay ?

11. When you stop having a life of your own and make him the center of your world.

Your life doesn’t have to revolve around him for him to feel special and loved. In fact, it will do just the opposite - he will feel burdened with your constant dependence. Plus, it’s never wise to lose yourself in a relationship. You will be losing the most important thing that your partner loves, after all!

clingy in a relationship

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