This Is *Exactly* What Happens When Your Bestie Gets Engaged!

This Is *Exactly* What Happens When Your Bestie Gets Engaged!
One moment you and your girl gang are happily sailing in the same boat – you’re all being told how old you’re getting, that it’s high time you ‘settled down’, that with age you’re all getting more picky about the man in your life – and the next moment you hear that it’s only a matter of a few months and one of you will be married! Sure, this is a happy moment; but it’s also trouble coming your way! Here’s what you need to be prepared for once your bestie gets engaged…

1. Meet the fiance’s single friend

Now that your bestie is on the path to being “settled”, she wants the same for you ASAP! So she and her fiancé will plot and plan how to get you hitched to one of his single friends. It’s all in good faith, girls. Just go with the flow.

2. When will your turn come?

This isn’t a joke for your parents anymore, now that your best friend is getting married. All your buffer time is over! Now is when this will become a serious matter of discussion in your household; something you won’t be able to escape any longer.

Bestie gets engaged

3. Brave the bridezilla

Let’s just put it this way – you will be walking on eggshells around her from the day she gets engaged, till the day she gets married (and maybe even after, for some time). Her tantrums have to be tackled with a certain amount of tact. At no moment shall you lose your cool.

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4. Touchy bestie

You CANNOT miss anything – the shopping trips, outfit trials, invitation cards selection, et al. She will be an emotional wreck during the lead-up to the wedding. You will be put to the test of friendship time and again. And if you do the vanishing act at any point – there will be nothing and no one who will be able to help you.

Bestie gets engaged

5. Bring on the cold feet

This is going to be a trying time. You’ve got to calm her down and reaffirm her faith in the decision she has made. There is no guarantee of the number of times you’ll be caught in this situation.

6. It’s family only (+ you)

We all are familiar with Indian weddings – before the big functions come those small ceremonies and pujas at home. These are mostly attended by family only. However, you will be the ‘privileged’ one who will have to leave all work and other commitments and oblige your bestie by being present for her “family-only” functions.

Bestie gets engaged

7. Plus one, forever

If you think you’re going to be able to re-live the all-singles time with her once again – you’re sadly mistaken. Be it a friend’s brunch, a birthday dinner, or a movie plan – she doesn’t attend any of those without the beloved fiancé now.

8. No ex talk

Stay clear of this one. Discussing her past relationship while she was single, was acceptable. Now, it’s a different story. Just maintain that he never existed!

Bestie gets engaged

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