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#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Would Love To Get *More* Of In Bed!

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No, ladies, this isn't a demand. It's more like…just knowledge that we're putting out there in the world. And if you happen to come across this and actually use it… Well, then we would be very, very lucky and grateful. So, without further delay, here are some things we would like you to do more of in bed!

1. You initiating sex

It's not just the man's job, you know. When you initiate sex it makes us feel like you want it as much as we do and that's an amazing turn on for us.

2. Giving us feedback

Yes, we do actually want to learn what you like and dislike in bed. Every time you give us some feedback on our performance, we know we're a little closer to making the sex even better for you!

things men want in bed

3. And some massages?

Yes, of course we would like more of the sex stuff, but no man in his right mind can ever say no to a good massage. That too one by his significant other! So, yes, definitely that!

4. And, uhm, blow jobs too?

Well. Yeah. It's pretty much the best feeling ever, so… Yeah.

things men want in bed

5. Experimenting with stuff

We know some of the things we suggest doing in the bedroom might seem a bit silly. But we don't mind you suggesting some silly stuff either! And each time you're open to experimentation, we kind of admire you a little bit more!

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6. Taking us by surprise

Either by taking charge or by doing something naughty… Just do something sexy that we weren't expecting and, oh, our mind will be totally blown. It also makes us feel like you would only do these things for us, so we get a major kick out of it!

things men want in bed

7. A few compliments never hurt

Oh, come on! Who doesn't like their ego (among other things!) stroked a bit? When you give us compliments on how we look or what we're doing to you, it's like a pat on the back. Great feeling!

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Published on Apr 11, 2016
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