12 Things Guys Should Know About An Engineer Girlfriend!

12 Things Guys Should Know About An Engineer Girlfriend!
Having a girlfriend and having one who is an engineer are not the same things. Why you ask? Because no, she is not the conventional girlfriend and she is going to be lot more than just that. You will see how!

1. Less awwww talks and more real talk!

She has brains to flaunt and your conversations are going to be awesome sauce!

engineer girlfriend 1

2. You have a permanent study buddy during exams!

And she has actually listened to stuff while you were snoozing and drooling in class!

3. The diagrams in your practical notebooks look like diagrams and not drunk doodling!

That’s right. Thanks to her.

4. She doesn’t need you to shield her from guy jokes… She can handle them like a boss!

She knows her way around guys and she is pretty good at it!

engineer girlfriend 4

5. She already knows all “THAT” guy stuff, so save yourself the tutoring lessons!

Infact, she might end up teaching you a thing or two.

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6. Be prepared to lose a lot of logical arguments - well, that would probably happen regardless.

Its really not a good idea to keep up the argument when you know you are wrong!

7. And swear words...well let’s just say she knows their abridged and unabridged versions

You might not want to get into that puddle with her you know.

7 Engineer girlfriend

8. You do not have to be her Mr. Fixit

And boy she knows how to keep her place spick and span!

9. She dresses like a geek on normal days...but when she enters the party… Ahem!

She is sure to make a lot of people weak in the knees.

10. She can match your tequila ability and end up dancing all night!

And you just can’t take your eyes off her!

engineer girlfriend 10

11. She will have a lot of guy friends, don’t judge her!

And don’t be jealous... You mean the world to her and nothing can change that.

12. And A LOT of attention!

Lets face it, the ratio is 1:20. She is bound to get some flattery and attention!

Hi five ladies! To being engineers and being fabulous!

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