10 Things For Which NO Girl Owes An Explanation To The World!

10 Things For Which NO Girl Owes An Explanation To The World!
No matter what anyone says or what you’re made to think - there are certain things you do not owe an explanation to anyone for. It is your life, and certain choices are yours and yours alone to make. There is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to certain things in life. You’ve got to do what you want and just follow your heart. Here are a few things you don’t owe an explanation for to the world!

1. Your job!

What you choose to do, professionally, is your choice. No one has the right to question what you do for a living. You ought to do what you enjoy doing - not what society or even your family thinks is the “right” or most profitable job. You only profit if you’re happy and doing something you’re passionate about!

Do not owe an explanation

2. Who you choose to spend your time with

Whether you like to spend time with your friends, your family or your boyfriend, you owe nobody an explanation. Spend time with the people who bring you positivity and happiness.

3. Why you like to dress the way you do...

Your body, your clothes, your style, your life, your choice. Enough said.

Do not owe an explanation

4. How much you like to eat!

Whether you really enjoy your food and like to eat to your heart’s content or have a tiny appetite and only like to eat small meals every few hours - who’s to judge? You’re feeding yourself, why is that anyone else’s business?

5. Who you decide to be friends with

So there’s a new girl at school/ college/ office no one likes? But you’re friends with her anyway because you get along with her and don’t really care about what anyone else has to say about that? Well done.

Do not owe an explanation

6. Your political or religious beliefs…

Whether you’re into politics or not. Whether or not you have a political party you religiously follow. Whether you believe in a god or not. That is your choice. It is your basic right. Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.

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7. Who you fall in love with…

Your heart beats for whom it beats for, right? Why even try explaining that? No one else can ever know how you feel inside. Just be true to yourself!

Do not owe an explanation

8. Your living situation…

Whether your roommate happens to be your guy friend or you choose to live in with your boyfriend - you don’t need to go around explaining that to every Tom, Dick and Harry who asks you why (apart from your parents maybe!). Because you want to, that’s why.

9. Whether or not you’re sexually active

Virgin, not virgin - how does your sex life make a difference to anyone else? It is your business - and your business alone!

Do not owe an explanation

10. Your relationship status!

If you’re in a relationship, be in one because you want to. If you’re single, be single and happy! Your relationship status does not define you. You have a name and identity - “taken” and “single” are not it!

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