How To Look Awesome Even At The *End* Of Every Shaadi Function!

How To Look Awesome Even At The *End* Of Every Shaadi Function!
Indian weddings are famous for their never-ending functions. And every girl knows that while she enters the venue looking like a Miss India contestant, when she leaves, it's a different story altogether. It’s only the next morning when you see you the photos on your phone, on your various WhatsApp groups and the ones posted on Facebook for the world to see, that you regret not maintaining your look (that you actually worked very hard upon) when attending a wedding function. Here are a few, quick and easy ways to take care of this…

1. Sweat Patches Much

Your look usually begins to wear itself out by the time you’ve had your first drink and made it to the dance-floor. Make it a point to always keep a few wet-wipes handy. Use them to wipe your sweaty armpit and then dab them dry with a dry tissue. You don’t want people cringing at those large sweat patches. Also, not to forget that sweat stains on your clothes are hard to get rid of.

attending a wedding function

2. The All-important Loo Breaks

This might mean you having to vanish from the dance-floor a bit too often, but it is a must. Even if that is only to see yourself in the mirror and check if all is in place. And of course, bathroom selfies come out the best, thanks to that yellow lighting. That way you know how your pictures are turning out that evening.

3. Caution To The Vino Lovers

For all those ladies who love to sip on red wine – you must drink some water after every glass. Those purple lips and teeth aren’t too pleasing to the eye, girls.

attending a wedding function

4. Spare Pair

You don’t want that sloppy gait of yours to show up when you’re tired from all the dancing. Tired feet also mean sloppy posing for the shutterbugs. So, carrying along a pair of flat footwear for the cocktail night is always a smart idea.

5. Emergency Hair Accessories

A hair brush, bobby pins and your favourite hair clutch are of help when the sweat and humidity play spoilsport with those beautifully set tresses.

attending a wedding function

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6. Makeup Tricks

a) Another must-have in your purse is compact powder. Sweaty and oily skin leads to runny makeup. Frequently dabbing some compact powder on the sides of your nose, chin and forehead help pack in the makeup you spent a lot of time doing for that evening. b) One way to make your lipstick last is to first outline your lips with a lip-liner and then colour them in with the same lip-liner. Follow this with applying one layer of the lipstick. Dab the first coat with a tissue, and re-apply the lipstick. This will make the colour stay longer.

7. Femme Fresh!

Sweat is hardly ever odour-free and alcohol tends to often lead to foul breath. Carrying a purse perfume and mouth freshener that can be used each time you use the washroom will help keep all kinds of odour at bay.

attending a wedding function

8. Jewel Up

Many of us would rather have those heavy earrings packed off into our purses half way through the party because the pain they cause, especially when you’re jamming on the dance-floor, isn’t really worth it. This is a big no-no, girls! Because no Indian outfit look is complete without matching jewellery. Dipping the spoke of your earrings in any moisturizing cream and then putting them on makes it easier to wear. The cream soothes the earlobes and makes sure that there is no pain.

9. Bring On The Sunnies

Now, this may sound a little ‘wannabe’, but here goes – as an emergency accessory, you can even carry your favourite pair of shades. God forbid, if all fails and your makeup begins to wear off – kajal smudged and eyeliner reaching your brows - you can just slide on that pair and get back in the game. Sunglasses in the night, you say? Well, haven’t we seen celebrities do that all the time?

attending a wedding function

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