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7 Things You Should NEVER Do The Day Before The Wedding

7 Things You Should NEVER Do The Day Before The Wedding
By the time your wedding day arrives, the only thing you really should have to worry about is looking fabulous. To help ensure you do, we tell you a few things you should not do before your wedding day to stop your skin from breaking out, prevent bloating and puffiness and any other disasters you can think of. Nothing can stop you from being a zen, glowing bride.

1. Don’t Try New Beauty Products

We don’t care if your cousin’s best friend’s sister’s friend swears by this face pack for glowing skin instantly, trying it a day or two before your wedding is the worst idea ever. You may want beautifully radiant skin, but try these beauty treatments way in advance. What if it doesn’t suit you and your skin has a bad reaction to it? You don’t want to risk living every bride’s worst nightmare right?! Things You Should Not Do Before Your Wedding Day

2. Don’t Drink. Period.

Your besties and relatives are ready to party but you definitely can’t get carried away. You don’t want to wake up hungover for any of your functions – and even worse, have it show on your face! Alcohol WILL cause puffiness and that’s definitely something you don’t want to have to worry about. A celebratory glass of wine or champagne is the maximum you should allow yourself. It’s enough to calm those jitters too.

3. Don’t Cut Or Colour Your Hair

A day before the functions begin is possibly the worst time to get a haircut or do anything different to your mane. You should have finished your cut and colour appointments over a week ago so your strands have a chance to settle into the new cut and allow the colour to settle properly. Things You Should Not Do Before Your Wedding Day

4. Don’t Overschedule Yourself

A day or even a couple days before it all begins should be free to help you relax and rest. Running around all over town with a long list of errands is a terrible idea. Try and clear up your schedule as much as possible so can stay calm and look fresh in time for your wedding functions.

5. Don’t Wax

Finish off your waxing appointment 2 to 3 days in advance because you want all that redness to settle in time for the festivities. Stress, teamed with waxing, can cause your skin to flare up, so you definitely want to stay clear of such disasters. Things You Should Not Do Before Your Wedding Day

6. Don’t Forget To Eat

Be it nerves or wanting your tummy to look as flat as ever in your tiny choli, crash dieting or not eating well is just silly. You need to have energy to enjoy yourself and eat right to prevent your skin from looking dull. Small frequent meals are always healthier and will help you feel better too.

7. Don’t Forget To Enjoy Yourself

It’s a celebration of you and him, don’t forget that. The flower arrangements or how good the kaali daal tastes isn’t really going to matter when you look back on your wedding day. You’re going to remember the excitement and fun of your friends and family. So stop stressing and remember to have some fun. Things You Should Not Do Before Your Wedding Day
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