How To Choose The PERFECT Venue For Your Wedding

How To Choose The PERFECT Venue For Your Wedding
Wedding planning brings with it a long list of very important questions. One of them, and one that is primary, is what venue to choose. After all, it is the venue that forms the backdrop for all your photos and a place that will be dear to you always. While you might have an emotional connect with a particular place, there are certain practical aspects as well that you must be mindful of. Here’s a checklist for venue hunting for your wedding…

1. Centrally Located

The last thing you want your guests cribbing about on your wedding day is how much traffic they had to face while on their way to the ceremony. Or how it took them a whopping three hours to reach your wedding function. No matter how gorgeous the venue, if it is in the back of beyond, you should strike it off the potential venues list.

2. Outdoors vs Indoors

We can never have the best of both worlds, true. But for your wedding, you can and should have an indoors and outdoors section. Having 2 separate sections has its advantages. A) In terms of the décor, there are many different elements that can be used indoors and outdoors. A grassy, natural, outdoors patch has a lot of potential, no matter what the weather. And the charm of a beautifully decorated hall is a different one. B) It also gives space to different age-groups. Sometimes youngsters can have their own pad and party the way they like, away from the older lot. C) People who want a break from the DJ music can find comfort in the outdoors space.

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3. Let The Music Play

Every venue has its rules as far as the DJ’s music goes. Besides, in many cities the law only permits it till a certain hour. However, the placement of certain venues is such that you can dance to the DJ’s tunes all night long and no one would be bothered. This one’s especially for your cocktail venue – choose one where the music can be played till the wee hours.

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4. Decor And Drama

Some venues have set structures for wedding functions that are then decorated differently for different weddings. Well, if you want your wedding venue to look like a dream, you’ve got to give your event designer the freedom to create designs at a flexible, no-drama sort of a venue. Some venues provide decoration as part of your package, and that might not be as per your taste. Therefore, go for a venue that allows you an event designer of your choice and isn’t rigid about the do’s and don’ts for the hall/lawns.

things to keep in mind about wedding venue

5. Capacity Clues

Some venues might have it all in place but might not be able to accommodate all your guests. You definitely don’t want your wedding to look and feel like a mela. As tempting as it may be, do not fall for it!

6. Money Matters

Weddings are an expensive affair for everyone. And the more flexible the payment plan, the better it would be. Before booking, one must understand the payment procedures. The advance required, the various modes of payment and the timing of final payment.

things to keep in mind about wedding venue

7. Excuse Me, Please

One must ensure that the number of washrooms for men and women are enough and squeaky clean. The loos see a lot of rush during wedding functions – be it the beer-guzzling guests that make a beeline outside the washroom, or the aunties who want to touch-up their makeup every now and then to be photo-ready all the time.

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