The REAL Reason We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss!

The REAL Reason We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss!
That moment when you lean in to kiss him, your hands find their way around his neck and into his hair and your eyes just close. It just happens - nothing to think about, right?

Well, so we thought too. But, apparently, there’s a solid reason why ALL of us, without exception, close our eyes when we kiss. And no, it’s not because we’ve been taught that it’s bad manners to open your eyes in the middle of a makeout session. Or because those of us who have sneakily opened our eyes while kissing have witnessed a very contorted view of our partner’s zoomed in forehead and nose (guilty!). That’s just one image you wouldn’t want in your head, guys.

close eyes when we kiss

Anyway. The real reason we close our eyes when we kiss someone is because we want to vividly experience every second of our emotions when we get intimate with someone - and closing our eyes gives us the focus we need to feel it. It’s the same as how we close our eyes when we’re dancing, or when we’re experiencing an orgasm.

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It seems like our brain is partial to our eyes, ‘coz every time the eyes send a vision to it, the poor thing finds it difficult to focus on anything else. And so, to not let any visual stimuli distract us, we shut our eyes while kissing!

close eyes when we kiss

It’s a little subconscious trick to heighten our pleasure while kissing - and feel every little touch, without letting our mind wander.

We say, shut the world out and keep kissing!

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