What Girls Really Think Every Morning (Not Just What-To-Wear!)

What Girls Really Think Every Morning (Not Just What-To-Wear!)
Who's a real girl? It's you and me - the women who get out of bed every morning and make it through the day - everyday, day in and out, whether we like it or not. And with real life come these real concerns that most of us can identify with:

1. Will I lose if I snooze?

That moment the alarm rings and your mind works faster than a super robot to calculate whether you can snooze the alarm for just five more minutes - and if you can repeat the process five minutes later.

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2. Wash my hair or not?

"Do I have enough time to wash and blowdry my hair before heading out - or is my nap more important?" "Should I actually try out the cool hairstyles I saw online or should I just trust my good old bun for today?" Legitimate dilemmas most women face 15 minutes into their day.

3. Which clothes don't need ironing?

That contemplative look into the wardrobe, wondering which is the most crease-free fashionable outfit for the day… Been there, done that, right?

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4. Food...food..food!

Are you going to do the adult thing and eat breakfast today like you promised yourself - or hope to grab a bite later in the day? And worse - why oh why didn't you pack and keep the lunch ready the night before?!

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5. Is the geyser switched off?

As soon as you walk out the door, you will wonder whether you have turned off the geyser, ceiling fan and gas.

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6. Auto or public transport?

Is it the kind of day where you can take the metro or a bus to college or office, or should you call for an autorickshaw or Uber? A real girl going places needs to know how she's getting there after all!

7. Is it okay to have a second breakfast or early lunch?

Yes - you deserve one, real girl, because the day's just getting started...

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