A NEW Leggings Trend - The Easiest Way To Revamp Your Outfits!

A NEW Leggings Trend - The Easiest Way To Revamp Your Outfits!
Athleisure is the name of the wave and we are gonna ride it. Activewear is all the rage and leggings and joggers are an essential part of it. And there is a lot of experimentation going on with every girl’s go-to staple - the leggings. We are seeing pairs with cutouts, and with strap constructions, criss-cross lines...the works!

leggings trend this summer

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It is interesting how leggings, as a piece of clothing, have evolved from something worn underneath crinoline skirts in the 19th century to bold and daring pieces of outerwear now in the 21st. From a functional piece of garment to protect the legs against elements of nature, this new trend in leggings indicates a more daring and more stylish approach to it - like this pair of ripped leggings…

leggings trend this summer

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Considering these, it would seem like athleisure is now increasingly drawing on a lot of references from the punk culture of the late 1970s. And, of course, when it comes to ripped, it is less about functionality and much more about standing out, and about carving for yourself an identity which expresses you.

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But that is not to say that this trend is always about making a statement which is out there or carving a brash identity. Check out these pair, for example, with their ruffle accent.

leggings trend this summer

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These ruffles actually add an element of femininity to what is supposed to be just an activewear pair. In many ways, this display of femininity then becomes more about fitting in, about identifying oneself as a part of an already existing community - to look at a girl wearing this, and to be able to know that while she is trendily chilled out (for she steps out of the house in a pair of leggings ;)), she is also very much a girly girl. This need for kinship and bonding, of relating with others on common elements in terms of personality seems to be something we are increasingly seeking in a world where we feel alienated, and fashion seems to be catering to this trend.

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So what are you waiting for? Step out this summer in style sporting an all new cool and highly experimental pair of leggings, and look like the diva you are!

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