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From Fab To Fun To Fights And Back: The Stages Of A Relationship!

From Fab To Fun To Fights And Back: The Stages Of A Relationship!

Of course you’ve heard, “Being in a relationship is like being on a roller coast ride” And, you’ve also probably heard, “Being in a relationship is a full time job - don’t apply if you aren’t ready.” And yet, you wanted to taste love and live it for yourself. Well, we all do - for it is the greatest feeling on earth, which in spite of age, distance and misunderstandings, just keeps growing. But like everything else in life, every relationship too starts small and then passes through different stages before it becomes a true love story. The first stage is when you two meet each other, as two people who till that moment didn’t care or even know about the other’s existence. Whatever happens in that first meeting, it leaves an impression on you. Mind you, it’s not always a great impression - but it strikes something within you that lingers on for long after you two have met. stages in a relationship In the second stage, the universe conspires and shifts and adjusts itself to make you two meet again. That’s when cupid wounds you two with his arrows - and like a drugged person, you find yourselves craving for each other. You find words pouring out of you, from deep, buried corners of your being - and all your days and nights just fold into each other while you spill your secrets, and slowly fall in love. stages in a relationship In the third stage, you write ‘mine’ on each other’s soul and have your first few petty fights, only because you want to see how much you mean to the other person. And your partner leaves no stone unturned in making you feel like the most special human being alive. You feel indestructible together, because even your small fights melt into long periods of love. stages in a relationship Now you enter the fourth stage and cupid’s drug starts waning away - the real world creeps back into the fairy tale. Now that you two know everything there is to know about each other - mind, body and soul - you crave space. And so you fight and you get angry and you hurt each other in ways you couldn’t possibly have imagined. All you want is to hold time from slipping away, hold the romance that’s wearing off, and just talk to each other. But the arguments are everywhere and endless. stages in a relationship The storm passes, and a beautiful dawn takes it’s place in your relationship. And that’s when you enter stage five - where you learn to accept. For love, in itself, stripped of understanding and compatibility, is not enough. You give up fantasies and start appreciating the magic that you two have, as a couple. You make a choice in all your sanity, under no drugged effect this time - to love your partner for better or for worse, just as he is, for all your life and he does the same. And then, come what may, your story becomes epic. One that qualifies to be told and retold to the generation of people you two will bring up, together. stages in a relationship So don’t give up, ladies. You are on your way to making your grand love story. Popxo Banner GIFs: Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: #Romance: The 7 Stages of Being in a Relationship! MUST-READ: How Sex Changes As Your Relationship Progresses!
Published on Apr 3, 2016
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